Bride of Frankenstein Black and White Makeup AND Hair Tutorial

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Shana Neely says:

    I love your videos but I hate when you use the air brush machine… most of
    us don’t have that…

  2. Harper Valley says:

    This costume rocks. Great job on the hair and makeup!

  3. jennbmakeupmagic says:

    Perfect makeup as always! thanks for sharing all your tips!

  4. Uwe Würdinger says:

    Time to post a Halloween Makeup look

  5. SimplyMayaBeauty says:

    She’s so beautiful! Great job Angie, your makeup skills somehow keep
    getting more and more impressive :D 

  6. Madeline Elmore says:

    Nice! I love your vids :D 

  7. kristie marie says:

    this is amazing!!! is it weird that i think she looks beautiful? lol. you
    should totally do her makeup like this again and make her fiance look like
    frankenstein and they can use the pictures on their wedding invitations :) ))))

  8. funnyrandomgalxx says:

    I was wondering could you please do a cruella deville (Halloween) makeup
    tutorials please xx

  9. Heidi Richardson Evans says:

    Gorgeous! It was lovely to see the recreation in a detailed tutorial:D

    I’d love to see a tattoo coverage tutorial, but on a serious budget, if
    that’s possible. If not, give it to us in the professional, spendy

  10. Deni Hatesyou says:

    As always, you’re a genius. Wondering if you watched the American Horror
    premiere last night, because that clown’s make up had your name written all
    over it! You really are the best artist on You Tube!

  11. JV Hampton-VanSant says:

    Id love a tattoo cover video. That’s my one problem for body painting…
    it’s HUGE.

  12. Bea Ani says:

    I looove watching your videos. You’re so talented! xx

  13. Yuki Sohma says:

    Can you please do a Morticia Adams makeup tutorial!!!

  14. goldiestarling says:
  15. Erza Scarlet says:

    I know its near halloween and so on, but in the future mind doing a natural
    makeup tutorial? <3

  16. Earendilgrey says:

    Love this. I would of probably painted the bottle with black matte paint
    before hand instead of the hairspray. Mostly because me and that colored
    hairspray have a past that isn’t pretty.

  17. quotidianlight says:

    That looked amazing

  18. Ecstatically Mee says:

    This was a real job well done.

  19. Stephanie Robertson says:

    Thank you so much for this! I turned out awesome for our party! The hair
    stayed easily and comfortably even after I bumped it trying 5 get in and
    out of the car a few times! Also I had a whole can a black spray on my head
    and it took a whole can of white just for the streaks! Loved it! My makeup
    turned out pretty good too!!!

  20. Little Ms. Dancer says:

    You are fantastic in make up

  21. Nicole Skyes says:

    LOVED THIS so dope!

  22. xTheMidnightSistersx says:

    That is amazing!

  23. Ashley Touchston says:

    I wish I still had my super long hair (that I chopped off last Halloween)
    because I’d love to do this with the big beehive.

  24. Angelica Di Guglielmo MUA says:

    also could you do a video on dealing with clients and proper santiation
    from application to sanitizing makeup afterwards? I’m interested to hear
    what you learned at school :D 

  25. HAIRYDOGSHIT says:

    i love this, thank you. one idea i had watching it, was to spray the whole
    bottle, with the black before u start to build the hair around it, that way
    even if a small breeze moves your curls, the effect wont change. 

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