Bleaching black hair to blonde Thankyou for watching! Please Subcribe! (: *No copyright infringement intended*
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  1. milkyjoyjoy says:

    thxs ^.^

  2. milkyjoyjoy says:

    thxs for the tip c: i wont bleach them anymore

  3. courtnia1 says:

    Just a tip from a hairdresser, you should never really bleach hair extensions, even if they are human hair, because they cannot gain back health like natural hair does.

  4. celestethongsy101 says:


  5. milkyjoyjoy says:

    yea i fail at dying my hair ):

  6. milkyjoyjoy says:

    im straight~

  7. Pamela Coloma says:

    R u gay?

  8. hjames269 says:

    U do look vety young though.. U hair loiks.quiye orangey on topn that n white kind of underneath

  9. milkyjoyjoy says:

    thankyouuuu ;] u too~

  10. CaitlinScreamz says:

    I love how you reply to the people who comment on your videos ! c: <3
    Btw, you’re really pretty and you seem very nice C: <33

  11. milkyjoyjoy says:


  12. chrissy22506 says:

    I love your hair!

  13. milkyjoyjoy says:

    the ones now r from a different hair company which gave me bad quality hair (: the hair in this video is much better quality and i will order from this same vender next!:]

  14. Robyn Kockorsky says:

    Looks damaged as crap now. Don’t even use heat on them unless you plan on buying new ones, js.

  15. milkyjoyjoy says:

    cuz when i buy blonde human hair ones the quality usually isnt good :c

  16. milkyjoyjoy says:

    aliexpress(.)com :]

  17. kiss123x says:

    Where do you your extensions? <3

  18. romance3110 says:

    it looks good, but why do you buy blond extensions? lighten extensions isn’t a good idea :(

  19. milkyjoyjoy says:

    thankyu love (: <3

  20. milkyjoyjoy says:

    i look 10? im 19 :/

  21. milkyjoyjoy says:

    whats wrong?:0

  22. BellaBlogger933 says:


  23. BellaBlogger933 says:

    How old are u 10

  24. BR14ND4M4R14 says:

    you’re so pretty ! *3*

  25. milkyjoyjoy says:

    thanks :D 

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