bleach your hair from black to blond

this is how I bleached my hair from black and purple to blond… I show the products that I used and the formulas… I have had several questions on bleachin…

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  1. Raquel Siders says:

    thank you… I Iove the Solo Make-up Ireland girlz!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Raquel Siders says:

    I will post a video in the next couple of days to update you guys on me and
    see what ya wanna know. I have been getting a ton of hair questions… and
    again if you need the product and cant find it I can ship it to you. I need
    to develop and email price list

  3. Sabrinaa Michael says:

    you have big tits. doesnt your back hurt xD but your pretty (:

  4. msladysexy1 says:

    Hey i want to do my hair like yours with the black and blonde (second photo
    you put up) how did you section the peekaboo highlights?

  5. MRSHDJJ323 says:

    pravana is the best

  6. Kat Aguilar says:

    gorgeous!! =*_*=

  7. Taylorrbaby11 says:

    wow verry prettyy !Im sure your really proud of yourself, keep going up
    lady :) xo

  8. Cate Bymers says:

    I don’t get it what should I need?

  9. zbeautyfl says:

    u look hot with dark hair! exotic! im so scared to dye my hair blonde,
    either way i doubt itd go with my skintone.

  10. somicellaneous says:

    omg, i love your leopard print sleeve it’s amazing.

  11. Phyllisneddy Ballantyne says:

    what is the black hair with the blond streaks in the bottoms and side
    called I want my hair like that? BTW I love the jet black and ACDC pic :)

  12. Robbyswifey009 says:

    You are beautiful

  13. Maria Madden says:


  14. Raquel Siders says:

    @mrskleinxoxo thank you so much!! xoxo

  15. Raquel Siders says:

    @naniiz85 it really depends on what type of extensions you do… I just did
    a full head on my sister of the bonded and we used a new black fusion glue
    and it looks amazing. Clip ins are great if you have never worn them
    because some people really get bugged by extensions. I am currently solid
    Platinum hair half of the bonded on the underside and then glued in tracks
    on the top.

  16. solomakeup says:

    Oh wow you are beautiful with black and purple hair and also with blonde,
    wish you lived near us so you could do our hairs lol! Thumbs love the black
    and purple. Love and support from the girls here at SOLO Make-up Ireland

  17. TroubleInBrooklyn00 says:

    0:13 that’s the color that i wanted but my Husband Talked me into going
    back to blond.. sincerely girl with the Orange hair lol

  18. Julie Collazo says:

    can u do a video of how to do peak a boo highlights like u have in this

  19. CristiansMomma2010 says:

    Just a ??…I’ve been using a blue black dye on my hair for almost 2
    yrs…at one time I was platinum…now I wanna do large chunks of
    blonde…do u think this is possible with the tech,. u described or would I
    have to use a color remover too? My hair is like halfway down my
    back…btw, ur so presh and gorgeous!!! Wish u worked at my club :*)

  20. Mira Wilder says:

    You looked better as a Brunette…The Blonde looks okay but kind of fried.
    you did a good job getting from one extreme to the other!

  21. Alex MacKnight says:

    you kinda look like fergie!

  22. Karla Martinez says:

    I love the way ur hair looks in the second picture how did u do that what
    are the colors u used to get …

  23. elsa velazquez says:

    Please let me know the color combination you used to create the BLACK AND
    PURPLE hair color you were wearing before you dyed your hair to blonde. As
    soon as you let me know — I’m heading to the beauty supply store and dying
    my hair. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your color recipes
    with us — I truly appreciate it. And I love Pravana Color Vivids,
    especially the Violet (purple), Magenta and Wild Orchid!!

  24. MissDDHeather says:

    I love the black hair with blonde highlights! : D

  25. xoelitebabiixo says:

    i love you hair black and blonde lol you look like katvond and megan fox
    mixed together…..gorgeous

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