Black women’s hair in Japan part 1

In an event organized and sponsored by Jamaican JETs and in partnership with the JETs of African Descent, Spring Ting, a couple of ladies are discussing blac…
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  1. projectgenes1s says:

    wow, is that an english girl i heard there. Sounds like she is from the
    north, wow i would love to get in touch with you.

  2. ForMyluv1 says:

    If you come to to Yokosuka there are several ladies here that do hair on
    and off the naval base, Fatou does micro braids etc. there is another lady
    that does sew-ins and other things. But it looks like you guys have a nice
    club. Fatous very reasonable. It seems like you all are from diffrent
    places. I just got here in japan where do you guys meet up?

  3. purpleryoko says:

    I am natural now, but when I was on JET in Saga-ken I had a perm. Why I
    never thought to go natural then…. life would hav been soo much easier.

  4. LovetteCher says:

    Oh My Gosh, I adore your accents! I had to rewatch the first minute, I was
    focused on them. xD

  5. Honey Ness says:

    Join this group on facebook! ‘Contemporary Natural Hair’ big up Jamaicans
    wurlwide!! Zup Zup Zup!

  6. wiseblissnp says:

    Thanks for sharing

  7. wiseblissnp says:

    Just curious what are you all doing in Japan? You mentioned the next group
    coming soon. I would like to travel with a group.

  8. Maria AnimationCake says:

    I lived in Shanghai for a while and I had the same problem with how to
    maintain my hair. I was wearing weaves at the time and luckily I knew how
    to do it myself but I had to ask my family to send me the hair and products
    I needed. If the package didn’t come in time I just had to make do and wash
    my own hair and the extensions and re- use them. I did not find any black
    hair shops in Shanghai so just had to use their hair conditioning products
    but it was ok.

  9. hellokittyanime9620 says:

    Im natural as well so y’all betta do yo thang but omg da gurl w/ da yellow
    comb luks exactlylike me but older scary O.o

  10. Nanni Banni says:

    Wooow I loved this video ♥!

  11. Dee Fev says:

    @GoddessNans i sent u a msg. if you didnt get it , let me know

  12. Dee Fev says:

    @khalilahinjapan hello! that is also another solution :o )

  13. Dee Fev says:

    Im natural myself as well :o ). I found it way easier to take care of in
    Japan. Glad you enjoyed. If you have any particular questions, do not
    hesitate; I’ll do my best. :o )

  14. Dee Fev says:

    @ujayet it is true

  15. mrscutbelow says:

    are any of the ladies in this video still here im on yokosuka base.

  16. starrynightgogh says:

    Are you still in osaka? Do you like it there..? want to visit so bad !!!

  17. Angela Hill says:

    What prompted you and the other ladies to venture to Japan? Besides finding
    or maintaing a place to get your hair done, what of the Japanese culture
    towards blacks? Is it a feeling of being less than human or second class
    citizen? I’d really like to know your opinion to my questions.

  18. Dee Fev says:

    @Azazel000god glad u enjoyed

  19. Tacicia Bryan says:

    Thank you for the advice. I can twist my own hair, but I need to learn how
    to do other styles.

  20. Youtube TV says:

    I heard it’s expensive to live in Japan!

  21. ohsnapitsnd says:

    @BobLeKatt i screamed when i see her literally. you are too bad lol

  22. Dee Fev says:

    It did help me to go natural…I would be surprised if I would go back to
    the perm at this point. Thx for commenting :-)

  23. GoddessNans says:

    @cwyjet Arigatou you’re a star ^_^

  24. Dee Fev says:

    We worked in Japan under the JET program. I personally stayed 3 years with
    them as it is a very good company.

  25. Dee Fev says:

    @Glory2theLamb11 thank you, glad u enjoyed

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