Black Women on T.V. and Natural Hair Mini Documentary

10-minute mini documentary that discusses the historical context of African-American women that are on television and natural hair. The doc highlights Oprah …

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  1. Samuel115s says:

    the girl at 4:42 looked so nice with the extensions, i don’t like the short
    kinky hair on her. the girl at 6:08 is real pretty and the braids look good
    but some long relaxed hair would look better in my opinion. 

  2. Son Of Bor says:

    Nobody is preventing you From wearing your hair the way you want it you’re
    just complaining about nothing stupid liberal women 

  3. Linda B says:

    The one girl who first brings up the cultural connotation of natural hair
    and then asks why is her natural hair looked down upon in her
    profession…she answered her own question in her statement. “Revolution”
    and business and the industrial complex do not mix. The latter is ALL ABOUT
    CONFORMITY. So while your job signifies conformity, your hair signifies
    revolution (non-conformity). You won’t see a white girl with a purple
    mohawk and gauges working there either,

  4. Jazz Williams says:

    LOVED this video!

  5. Ava Wilson says:

    Black women talking about Black hair on White tv news stations to a
    predominantly white audience -_-

  6. Miguel de la vega says:

    why are they acting like there’s only two races in the world, white and
    black? white women aren’t the only ones with straight hair. in fact most of
    the wigs black women get are made from native american or asian hair

  7. TheMsPhyl says:

    In the early 80s at IBM, my contract was revoked bc I wouldn’t remove my
    braids and straighten my hair to appease a co-worker. We were in Alabama. I
    went to my interview with braids, so they knew what they were getting.

  8. Joshua Garner says:

    Why is it that a lot of black girls try to make their hair look non-black
    but then refuse to date non-blacks?

    I guess the problem solves itself…

  9. All Hell Breaks Loose says:

    At the beginning of the video, someone needs to give knowledge to them
    fukking White people, our hair is presentable in way way shape or form, for
    you all to say that our hair is not presentable or professional is a slap
    in the face for you all, someone could come up to you all and say that
    having light skin is not presentable. You all need to leave Arabs alone and
    stop loiterin!

  10. artisticchiQ says:

    Negropean bedwenches always defend their lust for white males, with “its
    attraction and love,” like no STOP you’re not fooling anyone with your self

  11. sejerian says:

    I love my locks n proud :) 

  12. Son Of Bor says:

    What are they even complaining about?

  13. Sankines says:

    lool i’ve noticed lots of the comments here are about black women dating
    white men smh, this video is about HAIR! why oh why is that topic even
    here? a girl clicks on a video to know more about her hair and idiots are
    goin off topic smh.

  14. Isabella Cardoso says:

    Everyone no matter what race, has the right to love themselves as they
    naturally are, no matter what standard of beauty society decides to have at
    this time. No one has the right to dictate what makes a person physically
    beautiful and what doesn’t.

  15. Angie Smith says:

    Experiences with hair. Black afro natural hair!

  16. Joshua Cambria says:

    Hi. Black women do not wash their hair very often. Maybe once a month.
    Because it is too much trouble.

    My mother told me once of a black woman she worked with. This black woman
    was shocked that my mother washed her hair every day. The black woman said
    that she only washed hers once a month. Which is extremely nasty. But when
    you have black hair and all that crap in it, weaves, braided up, and
    whatever else, it cannot be washed easily every night. You think that
    whoopie goldberg washes her massive nest everynight? Not hardly.

    I also remember, in highschool. A black chick, she had facial hair, more
    then me. Side burns, a mustache, some chin hair. Did she ever wax it off?
    nope. And guess what, her black boyfriend didn’t seem to mind. All very
    nasty stuff. I used to wonder what she was, half man? Nope, just black.

    Hygene is not on the top of the list for blacks. Infact it might be
    something they do not like. I don’t know.

  17. Dwayne Dixon says:

    Two on the left should consider a diet.

  18. Nyomi McKenzie says:

    This is a very tiring subject in the black community. I dont see the big
    deal in this hair obsession with black females.Let me first start off by
    saying, I love braids,and the natural look on females. I love seeing
    females with braids ESPECIALLY. Its so pretty, makes me think of a African
    Queen. But come on yall its so much more to life than hair, or whether or
    not your going natural or not. Alot of women tend to focus so much on hair
    that they lack in other areas of their life, ex. personality, building
    relationship with others, etc. and yet black people are focusing so much on
    hair? Alot of females have self esteem issues, and need approval from men
    to feel love and wanted in a world that embraces white and people that look
    close to white. Females need to really get over this hair obsession,
    because once a man sense you dont love yourself they will play on the fact
    that you wear weave or your hair is kinky. Its time to stop caring with the
    way others perceive you and love yourself without focusing so much on what
    others got to think or say about it.

  19. QDOG4LIFE37 says:

    Question, why is it that most of the black women that are on youtube show
    casing natural black hair , are only dating white guys? I mean if you are
    getting back to your roots with the natural hair and all. Why are most of
    you all only checking for blonde hair and blue eyes? Something is wrong
    with that picture.

  20. Lanitra Williams says:

    If you are mixed with black and any other race YOU are BLACK!!!! Point
    Blank Enough Said. Wear your hair that you are born with. No perms or perm
    looking weaves. Stop hating yourself. Love Yourself and embrace your

  21. Idonigbo Obu says:

    When will black America learn to love themselves.The sad thing is they try
    to export this mentality of self hate world wide. Black people love
    yourselves as well as others!

  22. TheOnFilm says:

    It’s also sad how any kinky hair is frowned upon period. If kinky hair was
    accepted many businesses would lose money. Many cultures have kinky hair.
    Many women in different cultures go through the grueling process of getting
    “socially acceptable” hair. Don’t think all those women were born with
    straight,full,manageable hair- they spent hours in a salon. Don’t think
    all those woman with natural hair styles are not wearing weaves or have not
    spent hours in a salon either. You would also be surprised who is wearing a
    weave or wig. Their hair is not naturally manageable or straight OR
    naturally kinky sometimes.

  23. TheOnFilm says:

    Black woman seem to never get a chance to learn their hair. Either their
    parents did their hair then their hair was straightened or permed or we
    wanted to do what everyone else was doing at the time.Some of us were
    taught it was a problem, nappy, and too much work. Now we have so many
    natural hair products good or bad. I had braids but as I grew up I was
    introduced to straightening combs and perms. The market did not support the
    styling of natural hair and neither did the culture show us how to style
    our hair in the 80s, 90s, even early in 2000. How simple it is. Once we
    respect how we made and don’t feel it’s a problem we have no problem. Those
    that have a problem with natural hair will intimidate us at times. It’s
    life but may natural hair win in the end.

  24. Kaydiasez says:

    This was very well made and level headed. Thanks for having a civilized and
    thoughtful conversation about this topic! We need to talk like this to each
    other all the time. DFTBA!

  25. FBTLove says:

    I think it’s a shame that what a news anchor looks like seems to be more
    important than the information they present 

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