Black to Lilac Hair Tutorial

DO NOT WATCH IN FULL SCREEN – the quality sucks. Going from dark black brown to lilac hair. products used: Manic Panic 40 vol Flash Lightening kit Manic Pani…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. BellaDioraddict says:

    You did so many things wrong! Never mix bleach in a metal bowl and you
    didn’t saturate your hair with the bleach. Where your hair is so short, it
    should have been very easy to get your hair a pale yellow color if you
    would have put more bleach on it.

  2. Shania Beaudoin says:

    Your saposed to use glass or plastic when dealimg with bleach or hair dye
    because it can make the bowl toxic qnd you can’tuse it agin

  3. Laura Cab says:

    A metal bowl!? bad choice…
    Who show you how to dye hair, John Snow?

  4. yentl negengag says:

    what does toner do?

  5. fromtheUK UK says:


  6. Rebekka Barker says:

    you are really pretty omfg

  7. Lorelei DiAngelo says:

    Great music selection!!!

  8. Annick Mörth says:

    you’re super pretty!

  9. ddelfao says:

    You absolutely have the most elegant, cute and adorable colour/face I’ve
    ever seen.

  10. Valerie Wagg says:

    Why was it out of focus the whole time? 

  11. Chelsie JS says:

    So pretty

  12. Jez Tam says:

    What are the name of the songs? (:

  13. Ladi Dadi says:

    She looked like Angelica’s doll when she started coloring her hair

  14. Alexandra Medel says:

    most beautiful face on earth!
    hair looks great, different.. :) 

  15. AimiKawaii Lu says:

    You’re Very cute and imazing women :) 

  16. Hillary Anne says:

    Oh my god, you’re so unbelievably cute. The length of your hair looks
    amazing on you!

  17. Peninaa85 says:

    ok, I want that but I want white with pale purple. Help im a guy xD

  18. DK Dempcey Knight DK says:

    Not going to lie, don’t like the way your hair came out HOWEVER, your
    personality, hair style equals an extremely beautiful young lady! Thank you
    for the tutorial, I would have missed a few steps without your help.

  19. Miriam Evaristo says:

    Manic Panic hair bleach is not of the best, you should buy a blue powder
    instead, So your hair dosent have that orange tones..

  20. simplyaninsomniac says:

    This video would be 500x better if your camera wasn’t out of focus for 98%
    of it…

  21. carl pattison says:

    what a total catastrophy of what NOT to do to your hair…..too mant to

  22. Emily Chen says:

    that looks so good!

  23. Original Pinkbird says:

    Is your hair your natural color or was it dyed black brown? (Normally
    people refer to that color as brunette)

  24. Samantha Ibanez says:

    wait i don’t think you’re supposed to use a metal bowl!

  25. plussizebeauty89 says:

    nobody wants to comment about how you should NEVER use a metal bowl for
    bleach? D:

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