Black People With blonde/Red Hair and Blue eyes (2013) o.O

Black People With blonde/Red Hair and Blue/green eyes, This vid is to to show a part of the world we don’t know, feel free to look it up for yourself!!!!! CH…

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  1. eve joe says:

    the fact that you are speaking about black culture, which you know nothing about is offensive, not only that if all black people were white and cursed by god then, explain to me were you’re people from because u lot ain’t white so were the fuck did you come from… the monkeys ass?

  2. eve joe says:

    yet the same people who is supposed to be Muslims and a follower of Islam are extremest destroying what god created.

  3. Bar Abraham says:


  4. Soma Viceroy says:

    Glad I could make your day! (Taking a curtsy). Thank you. I was at my very wits end with this guy.

  5. lolabianca45 says:

    If anyone is a monkey its your dark ass. 

  6. lolabianca45 says:

    And I Don’t have History? What does that even mean? By the way at least I have enough intelligence to create my own opinion about  life and how it should be lived unlike your culture following some stupid book written like 3500 years ago. But I suppose you need it, your race is just too dumb without it. Must be née to live in Lala land.

  7. lolabianca45 says:

    rather prositutes than good women that get raped like in your country. The middle east has one of the highest percentages of rapes in the world. Why I will tell you why. Its cause middle eastern men are so uncomfortable with sex you men Jizz your pants a little skin. I bet the word panties makes you blush!!!!

  8. lolabianca45 says:

    I never told you where I was from asswipe You are assuming that I have no cultural linage to the native people of america,

  9. سُفيَان م سعد says:

    you are not even from america you american bitch go back to your original country africa for african american,europe for the white & asia for the asian and leave the amerindian you killed them you bunch of bitch you are yankee monkey

  10. سُفيَان م سعد says:

    you dont have history little whore ! middle east is the mother of all civilization ! american didnt existed we created glorious empire you are amerindian genocider go back to europe you are not from america you may be killed for all the bad things you made !

    american are 45 % fat people ! yes yes you are fat people,your women are prostitute,your culture is prostitution.

  11. lolabianca45 says:

    Don’t Hold Your Breath. If the middle eastern people havent gotten their shit together by now,”And they have supposedly been here the longest” I doubt they will ever. Even the chinese have passed you guys. Face it little boy, your race will forever suck american cock and lick the shit off our bootheels;)

  12. lolabianca45 says:

    Just like the Norseman Were a DIFFERENT civilization!!!!! I would never associate myself with a SAND NIGGER, how Shamefull.

  13. lolabianca45 says:

    Now Arabs are medertarianian, not white?? contradiction much?
    Yeah…….OLIVE SKIN tone NOt WHITE!!!!!!! Thank you, You answered your own question. Plus You can’t Spell for shit, go to school man!!!

  14. lolabianca45 says:

    First Im a White cacasian bitch, now I am an American Nigger? Make up your mind Fool. Werent you the one who said that blacks were a shamefull race? Now they are the same thing? You clearly can’t make up your mind….loser

  15. lolabianca45 says:

    Yeah…..No.. No…oh and No..
    Your men love white pussy sooooo much all you guys jump at the chance to be white!!!

  16. سُفيَان م سعد says:

    no you have to understant that the arabs are going to kick ass to the american puppet like assad & other bitch ! we are going to make a caliphate and we are going to kick the ass to the fucking jews & fucking american & europpean !

    arabs+iranian+kurds+turkish+indonesian+amazigh against american+eurropean+russian+slavic+spaniard

    the third world war is coming and the middle eastern mother civilization will be free of the white europeans bitch & the jewish zionist bitch

  17. سُفيَان م سعد says:

    stupid bitch iran are not arabs they are iranian ! different people & different civilization……you have to understand that we dont speak about white people as nordic people but caucasian,negroid & mongoloid people

    in africa there is two types of human race the north caucasian & the south negroid !

    asia same the west is caucasian & the east is mongoloid

    europe the west is caucasian & the east is mongoloid

  18. سُفيَان م سعد says:

    stupid idiot i dont speak about cameron diaz she have nordic attributes ! stupid asshole the caucasian people originaly dont have those white features stupid man you are

    arab are like greek,spanish,italian they are mediteran people

    even cameron diaz doesnt look like 75 % of european ! even hitler was not blondy like him so please dont be idiot

    watch?v=Y009adQUYUQ that’s arabs

    that’s arabs long black hair,long nose with olive skin color ! best man in universe

  19. سُفيَان م سعد says:

    you are a yankee monkey american nigger i dont care about black people or white people

    you stupid asshole ! arabs are asian,indian are asian but they are both asian caucasian not asian mongoloid like the chienese or japanese !

    stupid idiot yankee monkey,israeli nigger the american like you are israeli nigger you live to suck rabbi jacobs dick and kill arabs fucking israeli nigger yankee monkey

    and yes i’m a sand nigger like was jesus,moses,abraham,mary and all the great man of history

  20. سُفيَان م سعد says:

    stupid idiot white is not a skin color being what is a man from caucasian origin ! stupid idiot that’s why in the racial classification arab,middle easterrner & moroccan are classified as white ! stupid idiot

  21. lolabianca45 says:

    Soma Whoever you are,that was brilliant!!Seriously was laughing out loud:) Kudos!!

  22. lolabianca45 says:

    Just like Arabs aren’t white. Their Brown!

  23. lolabianca45 says:

    non sens? That’s not even a word, if your going to pretend like you know what your talking about at least spell right.
    It’s NONSENSE!!!!!! Ever heard of Spell Check?
    Guess thats why your race is still under the white mans Boot;)

  24. lolabianca45 says:

    Yeah….. Thats way Iranian Women get their noses done………..Because they were born with BIG NASTY NOSES!!! always copying white people
    Iran is the NOSE JOB capital of the world I wonder why?????

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