Black Parents Give Birth To Very White Kids With Blonde Hair

Rosemere Fernanda de Andrade held her newborn baby, and assumed there had been a mix-up. Her children have a rare generic condition called albinism which means the is no skin pigment.

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  1. FTD News says:

    QOTD: What colour are you?

  2. Dom TheGuitarDude says:

    well im white… but when im drunk im kinda redish… and when im sick
    kinda greenish… oh fuck im a damn christmas tree

  3. 2012TheAndromeda says:

    I hate racism. It shouldnt exist. Hopefully these children will remind
    people that racism is wrong.

  4. WHO AM I says:

    Colored Folks ROCK!!!! We can produce multiple colors while whites produce
    white. No variety whatsoever. Leprosy is a mufucka. I’ve heard many times
    from other whites that they can produce colored babies but I have been
    waiting to see these black and brown kids that have 2 snow white parents
    for a very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time now. Guess what? They
    really do exist, Everyone! FOSTER PARENTS!!!! Melanin is a WONDERFUL

  5. conspi racytheory says:

    I wonder why people put so much emphasis on skin color? We are all the
    same. We all have the same genes, some are turned on and some are turned
    off, Genes become activated and are determined by a combination of genes
    that are active in both parents. How stupid people are to judge someone
    else for having breeding specific traits. A german shepard is no different
    than a great dane they are both dogs, they have just been bred to look
    different from the other. God created one man and one woman, Adam and Eve,
    we are all brothers and sisters. Color means nothing. Judge others for
    their heart……

  6. Hyun-Jun Seon says:

    And researchers in China have already concluded that all mongoloids were
    once black, based on previous and new found evidence. It’s safe to assume
    that most of our ancestors were black. Though, I suppose it may be possible
    whites did not have black ancestors. All known evidence still suggests they
    were always white. Though, more common evidence like what’s seen in this
    video makes a striking argument against that. But as for Asians, the
    evidence is conclusive.

  7. Renee Watson says:

    Im white , but always felt i was born to the wrong skin , It a good thing
    in this Virtual world i can be a Black woman with out no judgements put on
    me , the black man im with has let me expresss my self to be who im
    comfortable being . i alot happier now . as 3/4 of my friends or mixed and
    if knew my heart and soul would never know . i thought i would be
    Disprecting the black race doing what im doing every who know me just be
    me XD encouraged to doing what im doing

  8. imshrrj says:

    Albinism is an autosomal recessive mutant trait. Since the trait is
    recessive and not dominant,both parents would have to have the trait which
    heightens the chance of gene expression. Genes are unpredictable and very
    random and people of color, mostly Negros possess a cocktail of gene that
    can display an assortment of phenotypes. Parents of color can produce White
    offsprings , but White parents can’t produce children of color. 

  9. RatDog67 says:

    Racism began to plummet in the early to mid 90′s. I mean really, really,
    plummet. One researcher claiming racism is a TAUGHT & LEARNED behavior. The
    reason for the plummet was a generational gap in teaching. GOVERNMENT
    seeing this trend as a unification between whites and blacks was quick to
    keep the plummet from happening. There will be no uniting in the UNITED
    STATES. Dividing is what keeps the powers that be, well, IN POWER. Democrat
    vs Republican, Rich vs Poor, White vs Black, Religion vs No religion,
    etc… Sooooooo The Gov couples up with the media and all of television to
    make sure that racism stays alive, healthy, & most importantly, TAUGHT! 

  10. Gil Origin says:

    butterscotch looking?
    What kinds of fucking white people are YOU spending time with?
    Do you know what butterscotch is?
    Have you any idea what color that is?

  11. Marry King says:

    Black Parents Give Birth To Very White Kids With … 

  12. olive lolo msp msp says:

    I am white but i want to be Black

  13. Nia Lynch says:

    I’m 1/3 Trinidadian.

  14. Kandace Dinsmore says:

    I do not really know the exact color of my skin, I am a white person lol,
    but maybe some of you all can tell me what color you think my skin is

  15. XxSoraGirl99xX -Black Rock Shooter says:

    Easy, the mom had sex before and the sperm stayed inside her, then when the
    other guy had sex he must’ve been small so his genes didn’t pass down

  16. Sunshine Samson says:

    i am white and i do not care if you are black okay i just care if your

  17. Jay Sexton says:

    either white then I burn red, then it will turn brown, then fade to white
    again. Neapolitan?

  18. Sally May says:

    God damn they are WHITE !!! Whiter then a damn piece of paper lol !

    And I am mixed ! Hahahahaha so I guess I am like a light tan color lol.
    ◕ ◡ ◕

  19. Surefire346 says:

    Those aren’t black people they’re Indians. Albino Indians 

  20. April Reames says:

    I have alb8nism but I am indian. They are African American no matter their
    skin color. Just for your info. The mother and father had to both carry the
    gene to have a child with albinism and even then there is a 1 in 4 chance
    each tine they have a child. They could have had 50 kids and not had 9ne
    with albinism. We are rare beautys. We do not fit in with our races and we
    get looks from everyone all the time along with some pretty funny
    questions. We do not have red or pink eyes and our parents didn’t have to
    be related to have us are my top two that I find funny along with why
    doesn’t yoyr sisters have it.

  21. onthecuttingedge2005 says:

    ancient African villages outcast albinos, the albinos stuck together and
    breed white people finally the genetics stuck and remained through
    selective breeding…..

  22. 4daluvofnikki says:

    These three kids are Albinos. That is different than being born White. Such
    a misleading title. 

  23. whitepowderbob says:

    The parent’s must beat the fuck out of them when the welfare check comes. 

  24. Ann Boylen says:

    Most Albino’s are ‘BLACK’ so what color are white people?

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