Television commercial for the Hit Television Reality Hair Show Hair Stylist, “Rion DIVAHUSTLER Harris” To schedule an appointment please contact: 773-964-650…
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  1. Patt Cheney says:

    27 Piece it is!

  2. Karen Osborne says:

    I want my hair done by tiger woods

  3. William Dowdell says:

    cool mane!

  4. Aaron Brighton says:

    love a good weave

  5. Mary Holder says:

    I want a indian weave

  6. Louis Romilson says:

    it’s Billy

  7. Greta Mitchell says:

    I want me a weave now!

  8. Richard Costello says:

    japanese bang

  9. Ted Melody says:

    The hair dresser is the foot fetish guy

  10. Cindy Brady says:

    I want my hair done!

  11. Stacy Lindau says:

    I want my hair in a chinese bob, with a 27 piece on top

  12. Sarah Walton says:


  13. Rick Lee says:

    Os that Billy Jackson getting his hair done?

  14. Vanessa Christmas says:

    whats the number it’s blurry

  15. Betty Lewis says:

    i dnt need to wear weave…IM WHITE BITCH

  16. Debbie Downs says:

    nice work…

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