Being black in korea: How people react to my hair

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  1. MySoKoAdventure says:

    I’ve made an update to this video where I talk about reactions to my
    natural hair, and also a general black in Korea video

  2. sassy smith says:

    im half black and korean……. im so tempted to open a african american
    based hair salon in korea cdfuuuuu

  3. No, This Is Patrick says:

    this isn’t just in japan when i have braids in my hair I’m in U.S. I have
    to explain to every caucasian person and their mom how black hair works.
    and they do it everyday

  4. TheBooty28 says:

    Sorry but don’t be fooled okay. Most Asians from asia are very very racist.
    It is just their culture. It is because they lack exposure to the Non Asian
    world. In Asia it is a fact that light skin is considered superior to dark
    skin . I had 1st generation immigrant Asian friends and they would say
    this and often make offensive comments about skin colour because that is
    just the way they are raised.

    They also told me to their face that if they married a black person their
    parents would be really really upset.

    Also in asia it is even frowned upon for say Asians to marry other types of
    Asians e.g Koreans marrying Chinese etc.

    Although to us as outsiders it may seem like they are more or less the
    same. They are not.

    E.g I know for a fact in Malaysia that you cannot be come a Malaysian
    citizen unless YOUR FATHER is Malaysian. That is just the law. Even if you
    marry a Malaysian they will never be considered Malaysian.

    Also they are not exposed to black hair. So yes to them it is probably
    offensive. They are just not used to adjusting to people that are different
    in look to them.

    That is why we in the western world should be thankful that most of us grow
    up in multicultural societies. We all also know that it took a long time
    for our societies to become as tolerant as they are now. Our forefathers
    also had to go through a lot of racism too.
    That is just the way the world is. It takes generations and a lot of
    exposure for people to be tolerant of people that are different to them.

    I even had an Asian friend that told me once that I ( I am black ) should
    straighten my hair. Not realising she is offending me by saying this.

    She just couldn’t understand why anyone would not want to have straight
    hair even if they were born that way.

    I even know Asian people that use chemical relaxers.

    Unfortunately in this world there is and will always be prejudiced.

    This is why I am against black women wearing straight and fake hair.

    I think the more we wear our natural hair the more the human race will
    start accepting our hair. But instead a lot of us are wearing fake hair and
    always straightening our hair so other races are always shocked when we
    wear it natural.

    I stopped relaxing my hair a long time ago and I am not going back.

    IF people don’t like my Afro features that is their problem.

    Be very very careful when dealing with Asians

    You might think it is funny but many of them are actually racist. NOT ALL.

    But it is not their fault . They just have very closed societies and were
    never rally involved in colonisation and slavery to the extent that white
    people were , so they never had that initial exposure and then adjustment
    to other races that white people had.

    That is just life LOL.

  5. pmack smith says:

    These Koreans don’t know nothing about people, they cant get used to
    anything, they seem to be constantly surprised by stuff. What, do they live
    in a bubble surrounded by cartoons or something? I mean what are these
    Korean kids taught in school anyway?

  6. Alice Chisvo says:

    OMG I wanna live in korea soo bad!!!

  7. Silly Goose says:

    not hair or korea related, but whenever people find out that I’m a vegan I
    always get the same annoying question of “what do you eat?” and at first I
    found it funny, but after several years of getting the same question,
    sometimes from the same people I just get so frustrated. I know it’s not
    the same thing but I feel it’s similar. I love your hair btw, It looks
    beautiful <3

  8. CapTrainT says:

    You seem really sweet and you’re very pretty but you not filling your full
    lip in with lipstick is driving me insane.

  9. spycoolgal says:

    where do you get your hair braided there? do you do it your self?

  10. Bryanna G. says:

    I know this video is old, but my little sister s studying korea and a lot
    of them have curly hair! thats why they get lots of perms and straighten it
    a lot. They teach kids early that curly hair is “ugly”

  11. MySoKoAdventure says:

    I think people have come to the conclusion that somehow my co-teacher hates
    me, which is not the case. Yes she has asked me things I think are odd, but
    you can’t really judge someone on a few stories, that would be a disservice
    to a person who has really helped me settle and integrate into my school.
    Yes we’ve had a few bumps along the way, but my co-teacher isn’t some mean
    tyrant trying to make my life a misery, just wanted to point that out.

  12. Desi Perfection says:

    ughh asians are racists i mean I’m asian too (indian) but damn the
    mongoloid asians are damn racist

  13. Roses Of Time says:

    Asian countries don’t allow mass immigration from Africa. Japan, a
    population of 130+ million people allowed 3 asylum seekers last year.

  14. Donna Chesser says:

    Get out of koera if you don’t like it. That only worship white people.
    Besides no one want to look koeren anyway. Not even blacks want to mixed
    with them. Lol. Girl leave. They are the meanest people. And ulgiest
    people. Really

  15. pmack smith says:

    Darn pretty.. and thats a fact!

  16. mizzdiva36 says:

    i’m black and in america i still get the same reaction. I don’t perm my
    hair just a wash and set (which they don’t believe they think its a perm)
    with a bob and i’ve had people asking me are you indian or running their
    fingers through my hair and comparing me to michelle obama. I’ve had people
    telling me i’m pakistanian or muslim (which is not even a freaking race!)
    or people telling me i cant be completely black( which my great grandmother
    on my dad side was german and on my great grandfather is chinese on my mom
    side). and when i say i have a mix heritage i’m lying but when i don’t say
    i do i’m still lying! i hate being questioned on what i relate myself to as
    a person. i still consider myself black. it just gets frustrating i don’t
    run my hands through anyone’s hair no matter their race its annoying!

  17. falsebuild says:

    I think as a white person, I’m quite lucky to have such thick hair, it has
    eliminated a lot of questions that I could have for black people about
    their hair.
    I mean, my hair definitely isn’t as curly as a black woman’s hair, but it
    insists upon being big and I can’t brush it and if I braid it or twist it,
    it just stays like that.
    I also get a lot of white people touching my head without my permission.
    (Like, jeez, this is the shit you guys have to deal with all the time? I’m
    so sorry, strangers touching your scalp and asking if it’s real is so

    You should do hair twists for your next style, like the ones Jessica
    Williams has, they’re soooo pretty. 

  18. thejen24 says:

    I have dread locks past my butt. They are thin though, and people think
    they’re either fake (they’re not) lol, or braids (they’re not). I was in
    Taiwan on a train, and I felt my hair being lifted and pretty much taken
    away. When I looked, this woman had my hair cradled in her arms like a baby
    and was stroking it. Lol… I didn’t mind, as I’m certain I was the ONLY
    black person the people on the train had ever seen in person.

    I looked at her and she smiled at me. I returned the smile, and the entire
    train car burst into hysterical Chinese chatter… I had people coming up
    to me to look at my teeth (my teeth are very straight and white) which is
    very rare in Asian countries. People were taking pictures with me and
    touching my hair and pretty much going insane over me lol. Then ONE lady on
    the train looked at me and said in English “they think you are very

    It was just cultural fascination. I wasn’t offended… it actually was
    cool. Just brush it off. I got stared at everywhere I went in Taiwan, but
    was treated so wonderfully. It began to rain, and a random man bought me
    soup and gave me his umbrella! True story. Just change how you react. If
    everyone you saw for your entire life looked like you, then you saw an
    Asian person, you’d probably want to touch them too, and would be
    fascinated. Just know it’s all good no matter what.

  19. Anisha Holden says:

    I get a lot of crap for being natural, I was born that way and have always
    been and I get asked often if ppl can touch it,( varying ethnicities and
    gender)… I definitely feel you when ppl just touch without asking and I
    hate that ppl assume my hair is permed or fake or dyed because of the
    coloring, texture or length.. “Black” ppl can have red/orange brown hair
    naturally, that is thick soft and long, NATURALLY!.. FYI I love
    your braids!!! 

  20. Mia Anderson says:

    I should be allowed the same privilege as a dog. Sounds like the everyday
    life of a woman in the African Diaspora. The Korean children you encounter
    have about the same lack of respect for the black body as many white U.S.
    American adults.

  21. Sarah Hsiao says:

    You are in Korea my darling!!!!! It is a total different culture,
    environment, people group and it is extremely natural for people to be
    curious or find strange!!! Imagine a Far East Asian person in Africa???
    Same thing!!! There is no need to feel hurt or annoyed, also they are kids
    same everywhere!!! Just be patient!

  22. rena shaw says:

    i mean kids are cruel in general…but you can not fault children for their
    ignorance…LOL THEIR KIDS HAHA

  23. hyphy1985 says:

    God i love English Black Women and their sexy accents. i’m tired of Amer.
    Black girls and their accents lol.

  24. secretphoenixeyes says:

    That’s so weird that they think your braids are weird especially with all
    the kpop groups wearing cornrows!!!

  25. manwize07 says:

    +MySoKoAdventure You are so beautiful and you look like a true queen.
    We can blame the media (TV/Magazine) for mentally programming the minds of
    people on what is considered good hair and bad hair. I love natural hair
    and the Bible supports hair like wool of course. Every country in the world
    has some racism towards the beautiful Black women. I have seen Asians who
    tried to have afros, but no matter what people say; you are one the most
    beautiful women with a lovely character. Be encouraged.

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