Babz & Ko “The Belle Jenkins Show” – Episode #44 – Super Seven Sundays!! HOTTEST Black Celebrity HAIR!!

We don’t give a damn if it’s your hair or weave!! It’s yours if you bought it, and better when it fits. This list is all about celebrity chicas who keep thei…

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  1. Bella Brownskin says:

    i’m still trying to grow my hair out of this damn asymmetrical, rhianna
    inspired bob!! it was so fly when i got it! i was like oooh, i want that. .
    . . shit was cute for like 3 months.

  2. Cory Robinson says:

    how about you and ko switch frames one episode :)

  3. naiduk says:

    okay the two middle fingers. lol. i chuckled still

  4. BelleJenkins says:

    lol ok…we are doing one this weekend; i’ll switch out the frames LOLOL –

  5. cheeseblinzes says:

    When I see extreme styles like that, I usually get a weave. I always get
    tired of stuff before I hair grows back.

  6. durham11122 says:

    nice countdown wat bout lil kim,pepa,amy whinehouse,and fantasia tho i
    think they should have been on the countdown 2 lol just my suggestion tho

  7. durham11122 says:

    lol 4get i said amy i didnt see tht it said 7 hottest black celeb styles lol

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