Atlanta World Natural Hair Show 2013

World Natural Hair Show 2013 Atlanta This Video is about the World Natural hair show. I had such a Great time there! I hope you Enjoy this Video. :-) ) ~ I wo…

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  1. Shortcake39553 says:

    i really enjoyed this video!

  2. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Thanks for watching! :-) )

  3. ambile1 says:

    You took me into a whole new world. Thank you. Am currently transitioning
    and would love some ideas on hair styles. Thanks once again.

  4. Joyce Ross says:

    Really enjoyed this I wish we could have one in the Detroit area but we
    have a bad name but some good people

  5. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Thanks for Watching!

  6. Elizabeth Young says:

    This video really showed how versatile natural hair is. Out of all of the
    pictures no ones hair looked the same. Natural hair is a beautiful thing
    and I love how its being celebrated

  7. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Thank you :-) )

  8. TAngelWisdom says:

    This is a nice video……I need to go to a natural hair show like this one.

  9. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Aww I am sorry to hear that. I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching :-) )

  10. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Thx for watching!

  11. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Thank you :-) )

  12. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Yes I so Agree with you :-) ) That is why I Sooo Love Being Natural….
    Thanks for watching!

  13. bearpaw144 says:

    I really like the hair show. I like all the different braid up dos and the

  14. SouthernGirlBliss says:

    The lady at 8:43 is exquisitely beautiful. Wow this makes me want to keep
    moving forward with my natural hair choice.

  15. TAngelWisdom says:

    Your welcome

  16. Erica Davis says:

    Love it.

  17. Akiyia Kelly says:

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