Amy Winehouse – Amy, Amy, Amy

RIP, Amy One picture set to the song “Amy, Amy, Amy” from Amy Winehouse’s first album. *** Several people have asked me to enable comments again, so they have been. If things start getting too hateful again, I’ll disable it. Now stop messaging me about it.

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  1. tselekoglu says:

    Did you know Amy didn’t want this song in her debut album, Frank?

  2. rocketsufer says:

    she says it all

  3. Nickiheard says:

    Oh Amy, Amy, Amy – where did you get such TALENT????

  4. guh31071997 says:

    a Melhor de todas! DIVA
    ainda não acredito que você se foi!
    as vezes penso que tudo não passou de uma noticia ruim

  5. george wanderson says:

    minha linda, saudades de vc, q Deus esteja sempre ao seu lado!!!

  6. silvio greco says:


  7. D1g1mental says:

    I kind of think they suited her :3
    and I hate tattoos

  8. european51 says:

    such an incredible talent, so sad to have lost her on such an early age,….

  9. silviusxxx says:


  10. massimolamaestra says:

    e ke dire ti amo amy

  11. appleakanne says:

    diva ♥

  12. george wanderson says:

    Muito massa!!!, é meu estilo esta gata, sempre!!!!

  13. IRISHASL says:


  14. sunwell34 says:


  15. DreamBIG176 says:

    YES, daily :,(

  16. D1g1mental says:

    I kind of just discovered her music, I mean my mom likes her but I guess I didn’t really listen caz I’m a stupid kid XD
    Her voice is so yummy and the emotion in it, oh gawd! Her music is going to last!

  17. OTBASAR says:

    Today I have again one of my weep sessions for Amy.

  18. BladMatyGorella says:

    Amy , you did have bad tattoo’s.

  19. Katw76 says:

    Well said.

  20. JDalltonX says:

    Stating your opinion carries certain consequences – mainly that others may call you out for being a jerk, especially when this seems to have been your original intent. If you’re going to get your feelings hurt over a smackdown from a stranger on YouTube, perhaps you’d be better off playing somewhere else.

  21. HawtNFunn says:

    RIP Amy! <3 <3 <3

  22. misslunapige says:

    MY GOD! Sweet Amy girl, your voice still takes me to the highest places :)
    NOBODY will ever sound as great as you did – when you were with us

    Miss you

  23. noamagen says:

    so sad to read now

  24. MsSpankmybooty says:

    Oh the passion Amy Amy Amy

  25. bellabibella says:

    yes ? xD my name is amy xD………….

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