AmbrosiaHair: Orlando Natural Hair & Beauty Expo This is my very first hair show, presenting my product line (Ambrosia Hair Beauty Products LLC). I wanted to share my experience…
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  1. Grow Black Hair TV says:

    @sheilasingsarabic28 I’ll inbox you :)

  2. Grow Black Hair TV says:

    @LaMonicaD No, I didn’t even know anything about the one in Toledo. :(

  3. Grow Black Hair TV says:

    @naturallatebloomer1 Thanks so much! Keep me posted on your results!

  4. LuvinLyfe052 says:

    Thanks for sharing your first hair show. I pray you did well there. By the
    way, I’d like to suggest using preprinted name tents for the prices of your
    products to give a more professional feel. Just a tip ;)

  5. Sheila Roundtree says:

    Are u from cleveland?? Me Too!! where can i come to pick up some hair

  6. LaMonicaD says:

    Thank you for sharing. Looked fun. I didn’t realize that you are in Ohio.
    Did you go to the Toledo expo 2 weeks ago?

  7. NaturalHairLatina says:

    Thanks for sharing…….

  8. naturallatebloomer1 says:

    It was so nice to meet you! I’m the girl who said I was a subscriber. Can’t
    wait to try the Cupucacu and Burdock Sweet Hair Pudding that I bought. I
    hope the show went well for you. I wish you much success!

  9. Kay Dee says:

    I giggled so much at the end “fashion” show! Lol

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