Amanda With Black Hair. Photoshop Show – kinda tutorial. Today, i photoshop amanda’s hair from blonde to a dark brown. she asked me to do this, so she could see if she should die it. she died it…

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  1. Tony Hudson says:

    Quality tune, and I’ve only just got into Photoshop as it’s a must for the iMac……so real handy. Keep up the good work inventorkid, nice one.

  2. Jonathan Post says:

    I’ll have to do that :) CS5 wasn’t out when I made this :P

  3. degrees40201 says:

    Jonathan, this is all good, but I suggest you REALLY look into the new features of CS5. you can get those ugly non stands – seriously Content aware is god.

  4. Jonathan Post says:

    Nope. Just a REALLY good friend of mine. My girlfriend is Sara.

  5. zeser123 says:

    is that your girlfriend

  6. ljungan11 says:

    That was awsome!!

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