Aliexpress Modern Show Hair Review / Red Ombre

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. FashionBeautyRasta~~ says:

    Great review, where did you get your backdrop from also???????!!!!!! I love

  2. lovelyx06 says:

    Yay great job. But one question – how do you make your wig and closure lay
    so flat??

  3. latijera moody says:

    Is your closure from modern show hair company too? 

  4. Kelechi Efochie says:

    love your personality and all your videos! subbed last week and I’m happy I
    did. I’ve been trying to start my own channel as well and you’re a bit of a
    inspiration for me. I ordered the modern show curly hair you had so
    hopefully I have as good of an experience as you did :) 

  5. candice tillman says:

    Love Love ur shape! And ur hair is badd looks so natural! 

  6. Minnie Pugsley says:

    Great video you are gorgeous!! I had a couple of questions those earrings
    are cute are they heavy and how do you keep your straight wigs from
    tangling in the back?

  7. Joni Harris says:

    I ordered my hair from Modern Show Hair cause of you. I am a beginner at
    youtube and i am making reviews to. your videos are inspiring. Thank you.
    Where did you get the waist cincher from?? 

  8. Samantha B says:

    I think I use to go to school with u love the hair btw..

  9. aliyah shaunai says:

    do you think its still good to order? and how do you think it would last?

  10. Brandi Lashay says:

    OMG!!! Girl! I saw this in my “what to watch” and I have to say that red
    hair is beat! I love it!!!!

  11. C800388 says:

    Can you post the link for the closure

  12. Maia Godiva says:

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