After Midnight Blue Manic Panic (Review)

This is the result of after midnight blue on black hair.

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  1. positivelyill says:

    No problem!

  2. Flipsbytch says:

    Thanks for the video

  3. positivelyill says:

    Depends on your hair color really. On blonde hair after midnight blue is an apparent darker blue, just check out the hair results on manic panic’s site. Green envy on blonde hair doesn’t look very dark to me if anything it’s extremely vibrant.

  4. Figureicee says:

    please answer~
    ok this will be the first time im dying my hair and i wanna do after midnight blue on the top then green envy on the bottom.
    are these colors dark colors? (like dark blue and dark green)

  5. ElektraSaintClaire says:

    I actually like the result. That’s what I want for my hair. Dark Tone with blue reflections :)

  6. positivelyill says:

    Yeah, I was just going for a blue shine kind of thing. You could just buy an actual blue black dye, but I found that the manic panic lasted longer than any blue black hair dye I’ve used before.

  7. positivelyill says:

    At one point I had faded red hair (I used red passion) I put after midnight blue on a small section and it turned a dark purple. If you are going to do it, I wouldn’t recommend leaving the dye on too long, cause it’ll probably just turn your hair black.

  8. MrLizestelle says:

    i have faded red hair (my hair was dyed with vampire red by manic panic) does anyone think this color would look good and come out good over that?

  9. MsGetm says:

    i like it actually!
    i swear i can see blue in the shine.
    is that the case and u wanted it to be more blue?
    cus I’m actually wanting dark dark blue hair that looks mostly black

  10. JadieWazEre says:

    Yeah I know, I recently had my hair bleached so it was a golden blonde colour and it burnt like hell but that is one of the only ways it would show up more ;O

  11. jewelbenn says:

    it looks awesome hun!!

  12. jewelbenn says:

    not all of us want that! bleach is the DEVIL.

  13. positivelyill says:

    My hair was dyed black, and no I had not dyed my hair a lot before putting the blue. I just put it on my faded black/brown hair.

  14. Tiffany Gabrielle Xinidakis says:

    Was your hair naturally black or dyed black? Did you dye your hair allot before you put the blue?

  15. lanntheartist says:


    From experience this will give a blue black look over medium brown hair. Sucks it doesn’t work on black. :/

  16. samarawright1 says:

    Damn that sucks I’ve been told my hair will fall out if I bleach one more time, and I just spent $60 on this dye getting it to New Zealand =/

  17. JadieWazEre says:

    Oh okay if that was the effect you wanted :33

  18. positivelyill says:

    The whole point was for a tint, not a incredibly noticeable navy. Plus if I bleach my hair one more time I will probably be bald.

  19. JadieWazEre says:

    If you dyed it onto black hair it’s obviously not going to show up, try bleaching your hair first O:

  20. positivelyill says:

    Hair is tricky, sometimes it’ll take dyes the way you want them to and then other times it’ll just be stupid and not take the dye at all. You’ve just got to work with your hair and try different dyes.

  21. Whitney Manivong says:

    It didn’t work on me for some reason :c

  22. positivelyill says:

    Nope just the manic panic.

  23. positivelyill says:


  24. Whitney Manivong says:

    And is your hair bleached in this video ?

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