8. Natural Hair Journey | Black Hair Grows

Natural Hair Journey | Black Hair Grow This is a photo slide show of my progress since my big chop back in May of 2009. http://HealthyHairZone.com.

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  1. jazzylovemj06 says:

    omg i wish i had ur hair its so nice

  2. illdoit3 says:

    So purrty.

  3. Healthy Hair Zone says:

    @moorea30 Thank you so much!

  4. Healthy Hair Zone says:

    @sweetyjay2 thank you!

  5. Healthy Hair Zone says:

    @klezy Thank you :)

  6. Healthy Hair Zone says:

    @kkimberly2004 The last picture was a twist out. Thank you… I hope to be
    back real soon.

  7. SMARAGH20 says:

    what did you use in your hair to get it curly towards the end of the video
    just want to use the product for myself

  8. mokahdeelyte says:

    Whoa lady those braids are tiny! I might tackle this on my hair this
    weekend since I am getting a four day weekend.

  9. ladydipset88 says:

    Your hair looks great! Nice and thick!

  10. sabrina snowden says:

    you have gorgeous hair

  11. john harris says:

    @PariNicole The horror stories should only happen if u straighten your hair
    with chemicals like a perm or something…a lot of heat is not good for
    your hair either but it won’t mess up the texture of ur hair…once u wash
    it, ur hair will go back to its natural form…juss no chemicals!

  12. carmen burns says:

    Your hair is Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Natural hair is Powerful!!!!!!. May God
    bless you and keep you and give you peace on your natural hair journey.

  13. Healthy Hair Zone says:

    @shedozi thank you!

  14. strawberry-kisses81 says:

    Your hair is long and healthy! Shrinkage is so deceiving and I love your
    braid style!

  15. PrincessDaintyK says:

    Love your hair!!

  16. Healthy Hair Zone says:

    @PrincessDaintyK Thank you!

  17. Healthy Hair Zone says:

    @TheSagaciousGirl I miss you!…. Thanks,,,, this camera is about to make
    me rip out my hair lol! I get video and then when I upload… the sound and
    pic don’t match urgh!

  18. PariNicole says:

    Your hair is beautiful. I notice in the vid you went straight I assume you
    flat ironed it??? I have natural hair and I’ve thought about changing it up
    and doing the flat iron but I’ve heard horror story from other who have
    natural hair, who have flat ironed and after they washed their hair it
    didn’t revert back to it’s natural coiled/curly stated. Did you have any
    such problems or suggestions?

  19. shalondra guillory says:


  20. sweetyjay2 says:

    beautiful hair and nice growth .

  21. Healthy Hair Zone says:

    @sexy2lvrn thank you!

  22. saved2789 says:


  23. Latasha Montgomery says:

    You have some beautiful hair…I loved all the styles!!

  24. Kymberly Hardaway says:

    @ladyxp1 Heat can cause damage from overuse. If your hair is heat damaged
    it will not get curly anymore when you wet it and will remain straight.
    Ladies be careful with the heat unless that is the result you want then do
    your thing.

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