#3: Hair Extensions Tutorial (clip-ins) – “Aurora Black Series Professional” Hair

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Bianca Dort says:

    best clip in method everrrrrrr thank you

  2. uptown lady says:

    Excellent video! Best clip in video on YouTube!!!

  3. lola robaye says:

    Brilliant !

  4. Shay Jones says:

    This is truly the BEST way to wear clip ins— I have clip ins on in my
    profile pic right now. EVERYONE thinks it’s growing out of my head. Thanks
    for sharing.

  5. Brenda Antai says:

    What the difference between deep conditioning and moisturizing. .

  6. victoria0402 says:

    This is a awesome way of doing the clip on’s Thank you very much for
    sharing, I will try this. 

  7. Tia Smorette says:

    One of the best methods I’ve seen, can you in sleep in with those clip ins?

  8. Autumn Hickerson says:

    Love love love this video. Out of all the clip in extension videos I’ve
    watched, this one is the best one!!!

  9. Suzette Rodriguez says:

    Great job!

  10. jordan12370 says:

    Is your hair relaxed? 

  11. jada mayo says:

    Your the boom.com! Love it 

  12. Millenyn Mora says:

    Girl where have you been all my life , your so beautiful that’s the best
    idea ever !!!! 

  13. Gail Russell says:

    What type hair extensions did you use? 

  14. MyJubilation says:

    You are AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  15. Coca_ says:

    I’m new to the weave thing and I wanted to know why do you braid the hair
    instead of leaving it free (unbraided) is it better? Oh and great videos!!!

  16. Trinise Evans says:

    How many inches is that? 

  17. Jasmine Rhone says:

    I finally found this video thank you so much……. I can’t wait to try
    this on my hair. This looks way better than trying to blend all my natural
    wavy hair with the clip-ins and faster than getting a full weave. Thanks
    again from a NEW SUBSCRIBER!!! :-) 

  18. Smitty BadBetty says:
  19. birdie baby says:

    i love the look of the extentions you used.. it looks very much like your
    own hair.. can you tell me the name of it and where i can source it from??

  20. PaperDoll0007 says:

    OOOOOOOHHHH!!! I am glad that I found this bcos I was having issues with my
    clip ins. Its hard to keep my hair from poofing up after I straighten
    because I wear my hair natural… plus this method will protect my real
    hair! YEEEY!

  21. Bibi Christina says:

    How long do you keep the braids in?

  22. miz dior says:

    All five ladies says exactly what was on my mind! this is the BEST method
    on youtube! nice soothing voice and a natural talented teacher, thanks for

  23. msraqueta says:

    I love your method!

  24. chyrelle thomas says:

    Did you make the clips yourself? If so how many bundles of hair did you use

  25. Morrocanprincess says:

    BEST TUTORIAL EVER! I got some breakage from leaving hair in between rows
    in the harsh cold winter. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this method because I can just
    unclip the hair from the cornrows and wash my scalp leaving it clean and
    fresh once I put back the clip ins!! Thanks my dear

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