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  1. InfinityNebula Heaven says:

    Where I live in DC ain’t no men checkin for weave heads no more that shit was played out here a few years ago bitches with weave here get executed on site for being a lice head Lmaoo

  2. InfinityNebula Heaven says:

    Weaves and wigs are for ugly chicks you must be one of em Girls I date look god with short hair and their hair pulled back from their face! and they are gorgeous again weaves are for unattractive chicks to hide their ugly faces thats the reality some cute girls wear weaves because they are ashamed of their own nappy ass shit be real and stop the madness nappy head Lmaoo

  3. Aaliyah Hunter says:

    Neither are black people

  4. Aaliyah Hunter says:

    I hope u know weaves were invented by white people they started wearing before black. N they are not ashamed of their hair because they wore a weave. And

  5. Aaliyah Hunter says:

    Protective hair styles really. No boo , u wear a weave because u want to wear other people’s hair. Stop it! N talk bout how black women are ashamed of their hair cuz they flat iron it. Not true! So u mean a white person who curls their hair wants to be black. That’s stupid. Talk about. Every black person doesn’t want to be something else

  6. InfinityNebula Heaven says:

    That excuse of protective styling is lame as fuck Lmaoo  a facade to hide their own insecurities I dumped a girl last year that refused to wear her own natural hair because she was ashamed of if and lazy the girl had naturally long thick hair and I would clown her ass when her weave started to recede and embarrass her ass females that wear fake hair should be humiliated that will stop this weave epidemic and spending billions on weaves when blacks are broke in america with no wealth

  7. InfinityNebula Heaven says:

    A pretty woman doesn’t need to worry about fake hair they can wear a afro or any style and be good ugly or unattractive woman get weaves and wigs to cover those hideous faces up lets be real here a pretty female can just pull her hair back and look gorgeous most females I date do just that pull their natural hair back and look beautiful weaves are for unattractive woman

  8. har2cat says:

    My Favorite statement were your last comments. YOU ARE SO RIGHT BLACK WOMEN ARE THE MOST UNIQUE AND DIVERSE WOMEN EVER and it is wonderful to hear you say that. My question is WHO IN THE HELL SAYS BLACK WOMEN ARE TRYING TO BE SOMETHING THEY ARE NOT BY WEARING A WEAVE “THAT’S STUPID” I think women of other nationalities that get lip injections, fake buts and breast while tanning their skin beyond recognition IS IN QUESTION.


  9. Prince Paul says:


  10. Prince Paul says:

    Usually a protective style my foot! Black women celebration in 2013? Keep it real. Black women dont even like black women. Who you foolin? LOL!!

  11. Gregg Walker says:

    Please educate me Janice. Let me know how black women’s hair has so dramatically changed since the 60′s, 70′s, and 80′s..requiring them to wear fake hair? If you don’t mind, I would like for you to break it down to a science. Thanks :)

  12. Mark David says:

    If this is you natural I think you’re gorgeous. Much better than weave. Just sayin

  13. Jelicia Norwood says:

    I am African American and I prefer not wear weaves period. I cant say im natural when I am always wearing weaves. I wear braids more than everything. Weaves can cause more damage than good period so that’s why prefer not where them.

  14. Olive Muriithi says:

    i really don’t understand why hair is such a big deal…just saying.

  15. ALyric19 says:

    I understand you but you just might meet another woman like me who doesn’t care. I just love getting in water and I know how to jail that new growth in a pony tail. A lot of natural women wouldn’t want there hair wet either because even though its natural it still requires a lot of maintenance. Really it just depends on the individual.

  16. MrBlaq says:

    Activities as in:
    going to the beach and swimming,
    getting on a water ride if we’re at Magic Mountain,
    not cutting the day short because it’s raining and she forgot her umbrella,
    wearing dumb hats because she didn’t want the world to see her “new growth”

  17. ALyric19 says:

    Oh I know my boyfriend just loves when I wear my real hair so I have chilled with weave a lot. I just rather braid my hair and let it relax sometimes. What do you mean by “certain activities”?

  18. MrBlaq says:

    Noticed how I used “euro-weave”. I was very specific. Now I don’t like weave PERIOD, but if you got hair that looked like your own natural hair, I, most Black men wouldn’t have THAT MUCH of an issue, just as long as that “natural” weave didn’t prevent us from certain activities.

    But I am giving you insight into what many Black men like/dislike, and MANY of us DO NOT like euro-weave on a Black woman, REGARDLESS of the excuses you give.

  19. ALyric19 says:

    See im just saying there may be girls like me i LOVE m natural hair but sometimes i like taking a break from doing it so i may get some tracks but i just love poofy curly hair so thats the kind i get witch is also similar to my hair so what does that say about me?

  20. MrBlaq says:

    Part 3:
    … I’m from Cali. I remember on day at the beach I was with my ex who just got her hair permed. Everybody was on the beach having a good time. This broad wouldn’t even get out of the car “because it was too windy and the wind would fuck up her hair”.

    I was done.
    Just like I’m done with the weave and perm excuses.

    I NEVER have these problems with natural haired sistas. EVER. Beach, Water rides, rains, wind, etc. they don’t let their hair ruin a good time.

  21. MrBlaq says:

    Part 2: Weave Baggage
    Black chicks with euro-weave and perm spend too much money and time on their hair while neglecting more important things like going to the gym and staying fit (that’s just one example).

    I’ll let you in on a secret that Black men HATE: When you can’t do “XYZ” because of your hair.

    Every time I dealt with a euro-weave/perm chick, there were ALWAYS restrictions on what we could and could not do. I remember the exact day I got fed up and said “fuck it”, I’m done…

  22. MrBlaq says:

    I’m going to make this a multi part reply.
    Part 1
    I don’t like the look or euro-weaves and perms ON BLACK WOMEN. Back in the 80s yall were able to pull it off, but again, the weaves and perms worn back then didn’t look euro. I’ve NEVER complimented a chick on her weave or perm, because no matter how much time and money they spent, it would still look unnatural and ridiculous.

    With that said, I would never turn down a dime with a weave or perm if she wanted to spend the nite at my crib…

  23. ALyric19 says:

    I understand im just saying you should focus on something else other than her hair when looking for a women to settle down with i may be young but im also a woman and i know how women can be. So thats why im telling you you should focus on other things than her hair just because she wears weave does not mean she has esteem issues but i understand were your coming from.

  24. MrBlaq says:

    I’m in my 30s. At that age bracket you identify much faster your likes and dislikes based off experiences in your 20s. The natural haired chicks I deal with don’t go back to euro-weave and perms, at least they never did when I was dealing with them.

    I’m also not patient because when you are in your 30s you realize the quality time you have on this planet is finite so you try to fill is with as many pleasant experiences as possible.

    I don’t have time to deal with a Black chick’s hair issues.

  25. ALyric19 says:

    Your view on things actually makes a lot of sense. However it isn’t always accurate. Regardless of how she wears her hair you need to be sure that woman knows her worth if she doesn’t she’s not who settle down with. I don’t always wear weave but if I do it just means I want sum a little different. It doesn’t change my view of myself I just stopped wearing it because my man likes me without but I think I look good either way.

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