Why are Black Woman so UGLY?

A friend of mine recently asked me why black woman are so ugly, and I must have looked at him like i wanted to kill him because he backed up a step or 2, when he explained himself he said that a lot of black woman that he runs across are loud, ignorant, aggressive, overbearing and crude he said that they ACT ugly, its funny because a lot of black guys have said the same types of things…i think its how we treat them and raise them that makes the act ugly *i am generalizing and not saying ALL black woman* I also don’t think that a lot of black woman have confidence in themselves and how they look, so they always try to adapt to the things that the media portrays, the euro-centric standard of beauty and that makes them feel undervalued…its a sad state of affairs but the incident made me do this video. For the record all woman are beautiful in their own rights, we just have to make sure we are letting them know because if they FEEL beautiful it is going to manifest itself in her actions.
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  1. boostmeup says:

    mangina alert!!!!

  2. ibmsony101 says:

    It is fact that those of negro ancestry tend to have higher testosterone for both men and women. Higher testosterone makes men more attractive and that is why black men have a wide cross-racial sex appeal that most black women do not. Just about every black I guy I have ever known has been with at least one white, Asian or Latina woman. Some been with very many. Higher testosterone gives black women a more masculine features and attitude that most men find repulsive.

  3. Jhamira Willis says:

    I think that song is by Anita Baker. Idk

  4. MultiCreativeme says:

    Get it boy!

  5. Lydia Sonk says:

    keep doing what you are doing, cause what you are doing is good!

  6. Uncle Bootz says:

    That is so mean I’m black

  7. 09mscolon says:

    You are such an eye opener to a lot of us black women…I have dreadlocks and every day I get the “ugh…what did she do to her hair?”…I laugh at them because honestly to me its excatly that…ME…thanks brotha!!!

  8. Liz Griffin says:

    I’m sorry but you clearly didn’t watch this video because this entire video he is saying that black women should respect themselves and embrace their natural beauty he is not saying that they are ugly he is merely referring to society and the issues in society making women think that they have to try to change themselves for other people. I admire this guy for speaking his mind… If only everyone felt the same way he does.

  9. shelbie tobola says:

    Colored or not colored NO ONE IS UGLY!

  10. cool2t says:

    can u tell the name of the song @5:00.plz

    its my second time asking since its ur second channel.

    btw i find it odd that u speak about how bad rap and hiphop is in ur other videos but u dont seem to want to share the music. a simple song title in the description box is not that hard.

    i hate to quote this fraud but im going to, ghandi said ” You must be the change you want to see in the world”

    start sharing information if u want change.

    ps: dont ban me for this, its in my first amendment.

  11. AVTRU1 says:

    Ive all ways the Natural  of black women this was the best forum on your new channel

  12. BlkKidWithTheGlasses says:

    Hey dude I understand where your going with this but just like everyone is different when it comes to ethnicity there is also a different perseption that everyone has of beauty. If the afro style of hair was more prevalent throughout the u.s. that would be rightous but everyone sees beauty in different ways and one beauty outlet is your hair. If you think dying your hair to express yourself is a way to express yourself than go a head. But still great vid as usual.

  13. HunterWolf14 says:

    The audio is sort of low in this one.

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