Virgin Brazilian Hair – Quick Weave Tutorial

Quick Weave tutorial re-uploaded because YouTube didn’t like the music I had with it. I know, they suck. But either way, here it is again. The hair used is from a fraudulent company that I won’t mention. It was sold to me as Virgin Brazilian Hair but it is not. Either way, the hair is pretty and holding up ok.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. katskull7 says:

    I need my hair done uhgg

  2. souljagirl316 says:

    Omg!!! Thank god! NAh i can do some to my hair now..!

  3. doxwifey1999 says:

    Its up for personal interpretation…

  4. tashashaday says:


  5. tashashaday says:

    @doxwifey1999 wat is that suppose to mean I know your kind?!?!?!

  6. doxwifey1999 says:

    I’m sorry you had to see my bad side….. I try my best, but some folks just make you go there for real. I am not the one…

  7. Mia Gib says:

    Sometimes you gotta go there with ppl ,,,,

  8. doxwifey1999 says:

    OMG, yet another low life ghetto bunny that is filled with self hatred because of your pitiful scum lifestyle. Please do me a favor and go get a real life, get off welfare, HUD, and stop having babies for all those different thugs. BTW, you may want to get checked out, your kind tend to spread diseases because you screw like jack rabbits. #ghettobunny #footdragger I bet you walk around with satin caps in the public don’t you. I know your kind. lol

  9. starG201 says:

    Bitch you really need a lesson on how to mold your hair for a quick weave

  10. doxwifey1999 says:

    I really appreciate that!

  11. demetriss75 says:

    I really enjoyed your video!

  12. doxwifey1999 says:

    Awww…thanks honey…. I’m glad I could be of help…

  13. MrsAssyriaValo says:

    Sooooooooooooooo glad i saw this video. I can now finally save money on getting my hair done. Now I can just only get my hair pressed when I need too. Thanks for this amazing video.

  14. 04682563 says:

    The style is nice. I like the hair, what is another reputable hair company where I can get that type of wavy hair?

  15. toyapurple says:

    This is so pretty. I wish u could give out more info but i understand.

  16. Esther Brown says:

    thanks for responding. Love the vids they are very helpful.

  17. doxwifey1999 says:

    I took it out after 3 weeks. Could have went 1 more week probably. I used oil sheen to spray the tracks and it lifted off with a little pulling. No damage to my hair. Thanks for watching!

  18. Esther Brown says:

    Great tutorial! how long did it last and how did you remove it?

  19. ALuvForBeauty says:

    This is SOOO pretty! How long did it last?

  20. brand1new says:

    what kind of hair is this

  21. prisskitajoe says:

    Girl, this hair style is really cute! You just gave me an idea of how to do this quick weave using Ripple Deep hair by Chocolate. Thanks.

  22. MIssJaxion says:

    I use the growth protect solution on when I do my quick weaves and I literally have no glue on my hair. And it bones right out with warm water

  23. memejanielle85 says:

    really cute i love the curls

  24. brownsugah305 says:

    So pretty I am going to be trying my first quickweave soon as well and I am nervous about damage I have some glosser and I might use that as a protectant seeing as that morning glory stuff is expensive.

  25. doxwifey1999 says:

    It’s actually pretty nice….

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