Three In One Hair Braiding Tutorial. 7 Hairstyles.

Step by step instructions on how to combine three strand braids with two strand twists. Then combine kinky twists or wrapped string or wrapped kinky extensio…

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  1. buthcher911 says:

    Very Informative! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. dottyriley says:


  3. kendreia Williams says:

    u braid real cute bt i think u need to grip bettet bt u do a good job

  4. Tina Robinson says:

    What are you using to how twist at the ends

  5. blantucas1 says:


  6. iluveyeshadows says:

    AWESOME!!! Thanks! Please continue to do more vids :)

  7. JustinBieberluver362 says:

    Thanks for the tip:). I will make sure to tell my mom and thanks :) and happy memorial day weekend :) 

  8. BraidingAfricanHair says:

    Thanks. One quick tip, when learning how to do the hairstyle, it is much easier to use a headband (or something similar) as a guide when doing the twists to ensure that you get a straight line or curve at the transition to another braid style. I hope all goes well on Sunday.

  9. JustinBieberluver362 says:

    This is a GREAT TUTORIAL I NEVER SEEN ONE LIKE IT BEFORE! :) … u really showed close up how to do it. I think u are a great braider. And my mom is going to try and do that to my hair this Sunday:)…but can’t wait!!!!….. and VERY GREAT TUTORIAL!…HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO SAY BUT VERY GOOD TUTORIAL!

  10. 1312kennedy says:

    Great tutorial!

  11. beautyloxs says:


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