The Weave Dilemma

What’s the big deal?
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  1. TheHealthHopNetwork says:

    cont… Btw, i really wish u all would stop usin that “protective style” xcuse…If im not mistaken, a wig is better protection & they still make afro wigs. Lets just keep it 100 with ourselves… straight=weak,´╗┐ kinky=strong. So u gotta ask yourself y u would prefer a defect, or y do u see this defect as an option 4 u? No one in their right mind would make such a decision.. Any how, many of us r wakin up sis & the more we fall in luv with ourselves again, the less we luv ‘them’ & their image.

  2. TheHealthHopNetwork says:

    “Id like 2 know your thoughts about´╗┐ it”…im not so sure about that lol. I’ll try 2 be tactful… What do u think when u see a european(a “white” person) with dreads or with a weird lookin orange tan & fake lips? Its obvious that theyre imitating us, or tryin 2 be other than themselves. So, how can u be offended when people look at u & think the same thing. Should i assume a “black” person with bleached skin is secure in themselves? Where does it stop? Wearing a weave IS a political statement..

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