Review: “Victoria” Full Lace Remy Lace Wig by Janet Collection

I am not affiliated with Janet Collection. All the statements made in this video have been made solely by me. All of my reviews are honest and never swayed by any companies opinions or influences. My videos are for gaining knowlege of different products before you make your purchases. Feel free to contact me directly for more information or with any other questions you may have. Please send them directly to my PM box for faster response. Your identity will be kept anonymous unless you request otherwise. This unit is approx. 20 inches in length in a color Piano FS 1b/30. The hair is straight and very soft. I recommend using some form of adhesive for added security, Because the cap is handmade sewing in clips is very easy to do. Victoria Direct Link

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  1. BestKeptVirginHair says:

    Sale today @3 pm central time

  2. GlamaMamiCEO says:

    Yes I have curled this unit and straightened it. I going to be completely honest the last time I checked the sticker price was almost $300.00 and I wouldn’t pay that much for it. This unit is cute but was definitely a tad over priced. I am also selling this unit since I no longer wear it. Email me if interested YesIamHoodBarbie at gmail


  3. sophia2845 says:

    Have curled your Victoria remi wig if so do you have any pics would you say it was worth the money today ? Thanks in advanced

  4. BriBriG0S0Hard says:

    if someone were to touch the hair ..would they feel the tracks on your head or no?
    It says full lace so im wondering if the tracks can be felt

  5. GlamaMamiCEO says:

    they market them as full lace because you have lace in the entire front and entire back. I would suggest always reading the specs before making a purpose on LFW because they can be misleading to those that are not knowledgable to the different options.


  6. PrincessKhaaliyah09 says:

    I thaught a full lace was u could part it in any direction

  7. Dameka247 says:

    LOL! You tripped out! Love it!

  8. GlamaMamiCEO says:

    yes i have its Remy…so you can curl it, wash it and do different styles with it.

    Hood Barbie

  9. HimeBeauty says:

    Have you tried curling it? And id it take really well to heat? ex:curling irons

  10. asiancaramel says:

    girl u are crazy! lolz w/the bloopers

  11. GlamaMamiCEO says:

    Nope…. its light and can be parted freely in the front.

    Hood Barbie

  12. SinfulyBeautiful says:

    It looks like it’s pretty hair,but it looks extra thick at the roots and unrealistic. It doesn’t look like it can part well either. But hey…….I’m just sayin

  13. moxiebaby77 says:

    I’ve had my Victoria since x-mas and I love her. The way she flows and feels today is even better than when I first got her.Hopefully I’ll be able to post us soon. Enjoy babygirl!!

  14. GlamaMamiCEO says:

    Get it girl!!!! Please let me know when u get it would love to see ya review… and thanks for watching.

    Hood Barbie

  15. deedeexoxo100 says:

    I just placed my order. Thanks.

  16. GlamaMamiCEO says:

    Thank u soo much, I truely appreciate the love.

    Hood Barbie

  17. mouthygirl95820 says:

    this a beautiful wig. i love ur performance after video. u are a fabulous diva!

  18. GlamaMamiCEO says:


    Hood Barbie

  19. GlamaMamiCEO says:


    Hood Barbie

  20. GlamaMamiCEO says:

    Girl yes….let me know if you get it. I also included the link if you are interested.

    Hood Barbie

  21. GlamaMamiCEO says:

    Thanks, No i just used the combs on the unit but I would suggest some adhesive on this one…. or even wig clips.

    Hood Barbie

  22. monisa30 says:

    wow…I’ve been eyeing this one for a while…imma get it now…love the way it looks….work it out girl…

  23. latongela johnson says:

    I love it Diva! Did you glue this wig?

  24. soulsistahla says:

    Cute Look. You are so prett. Kinda reminding me of Tameka Raymond…..

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