Review: 18 inch Body Wave Hair

This video was recorded on the 13th of January and the installation was done on the 14th. I am wearing Janet Collection Body Weaving in color 1b. I used two packs with about 1/4 left over. I have a small section of my own hair out for blending. If you would like to purchase this hair or check on pricing please visit For more information on this hair as well as more please check out XOXO, HB
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. dread5200 says:

    So loud!!!

  2. GlamaMamiCEO says:

    IT can be worn straight. I straighten it a few times. I will tell you that it is not the greatest human hair… I would suggest another brand personally cause it did get frizzy/dry looking fast. This would be a short term hairstyle invest in higher quality hair if you want longevity.


  3. babihuggs says:

    hey , i loveee this hair. but one question, can it be worn straight & then reactivated to go wavy?

  4. hazel4eva25 says:

    How did you care for it at night?

  5. Safia Hashi says:

    How does your hair stay straight after you apply the products! Mine would curl right up and I’d have to flat iron it again lol

  6. leah monro says:

    I love the hair and you looked so fab and beautiful with it it looked very natural nice review

  7. GlamaMamiCEO says:

    No its just regular 100% Human Hair….nothing fancy.

    w w w. IamHoodBarbie

  8. Fluerdelismobella says:

    hey is this the indian hair??? 

  9. JazisATL says:

    Local beauty supply store it was $1.00. I like to customize my arm wear so I paired it with other neutral tone bracelets from different stores to bring out my outfit


  10. JazisATL says:

    Surprisingly no had no tangle issues. Just make sure to brush it daily and put it up at night. I did notice after about a week my bounce wasnt sooo bouncy so I had to do a wet down in the shower and I added leave in conditioner to it so it wouldn’t dry out. It’s not as fierce as it was initially but I’m going to make it work until Im ready for the next hairstyle.


  11. ShereeW1 says:

    This style really becomes you!

  12. nishamonae says:

    very cute… you rocked it… does it tangle

  13. Nancy U says:

    LOVE IT, sn: where did u get that animal print bracelet?

  14. GlamaMamiCEO says:

    Thanks hun.


  15. eveschild848 says:

    Really cute. Looks natural!!

  16. ILoveToScrub says:

    i like it 2 :)

  17. lovnlace says:

    I like it!

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