Quickie- Sleek & Simple Side Braid Hair Style (Not a tutorial…Just felt like sharing :-)

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  1. me0llamo1 says:

    omg thats soooo cute>>>what lipstick is that???

  2. Brazil1636 says:

    What kind of hair is that?

  3. phatnigerianchic says:

    preeeeety!! the school teacher look!! yes ma’am!!

  4. chocolatedyamond says:

    I love this!!! you look like business meeting black barbie!!! lol luvvv the cutesy tie

  5. xervia3032 says:

    I just love love ALL your videos. I admire your sense of style, creativity…You are amazing. I can feel your confidence…just curious, what do you do for a living? I can see you heading a corporation, holding board meeting, making executive decisions! Such a strong, beautiful woman, such an inspiration! Keep up the great work!

  6. Stepho2Fierce says:

    can you make a video of the brushes you find necessary for a beginner to do makeup? for hightlighting the brow and all please :)

  7. passionatereader77 says:

    u look nice diva. well put together as always.

  8. msajbaby says:

    Nice fit!

  9. SongbirdDiva4Life says:

    thank you so much :-)

  10. SongbirdDiva4Life says:

    lol, thank you so much :-)

  11. SongbirdDiva4Life says:

    thank you so much :-) 

  12. MECartersWorld says:

    Your fashion game is lethal! I look at your videos to see what your wearing.

  13. byblos says:

    I would love to see you rock your natural hair.

  14. versatilemc says:

    This looks great and elegant!

  15. chocolatecutie2009 says:

    Lip gloss is popping…Which makes me think you remind me of Lil Mama ! Hope you like her Lol. If you don’t your pretty any way :)

  16. TheSiSiDreamz says:


  17. breezyfancifuldivass says:


  18. curvybody2 says:

    is this a sew in

  19. soune59 says:

    I like this style, love the pictures on your blog!!!

  20. SongbirdDiva4Life says:

    aww, thank you so much :-)

  21. SongbirdDiva4Life says:

    aww, thank you so much :-) 

  22. SongbirdDiva4Life says:

    @squirtthepencilout aww, you are so kind. Thank you so much :-)

  23. SongbirdDiva4Life says:

    aww, thank you so much :-) 

  24. SongbirdDiva4Life says:

    thank you so much :-)

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