Quick Easy Faux Bun and Bun with Weave for Short Hair: Protct. Style #2

I’m showing you how to simply make a faux “fake” bun look (an illusion of a real bun) using your own short hair, and I’ll also show how to create a bun with …

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  1. mzthicky24 says:

    Its nice on u

  2. Terona Johnson says:

    Fail!!! looks nasty

  3. monie998 says:

    What type,of hair is that

  4. Kydirah Gibbs says:


  5. shuntabowen says:


  6. Janay Holbrook says:

    Am i the only one who thinks You and another girl on here named Tiffanydarlyn look alike !? And the hair is very cute on you

  7. Kayla Kay says:

    17mins of bullshit

  8. sknowl10 says:

    i dont care for the highlights with the solid bun however u did a good job!!!! keep it up

  9. kjw701 says:

    Do you stay in Cali ? If so and if your single ,we should hook up ?

  10. Kalii Kushh says:

    That shit looks a hot ass mess! your pretty though! 

  11. Shaneva Thompson says:

    i dont care what its called thats really cute and stylish !

  12. 69msparis69 says:

    its pronounced foe

  13. Manzma2011 says:

    First one cute. Second one not so much

  14. Stacey RedBoy says:

    love it, very cute!

  15. MakeupWithSisi says:

    Hair doesnt match……Smh

  16. Artisha Smith says:

    Some People Are Just Ignorant!

  17. ShaylaBeason3 says:

    Umm .. Whaaaaat are you doing what are you doinnnnnnn ! The most okay thanks for your feedback (:

  18. Shunta Keith says:

    And ur stupid and a dumb ass for not wanting to keep it real. Weave is an accesssory like a purse or some earrings……….stupid.

  19. shearbear1003 says:

    Faux is pronounced “foe”.

  20. Amber Gray says:

    just because your embarrased of your weave or having a weave does not mean that she is stupid

  21. msthyde says:

    love the first bun…very creative!

  22. essisofia says:

    I started doing these videos today! Soo please go and check out my channel :)

  23. Andrea Arrington says:

    Thank you for the video but the pronunciation of “FAUX” is like “FO”. Its French the “X” is silent. Just FYI.

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