Professional sew in weaves by Melesha

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. khalia122209 says:

    How much full sew I’m no leave out

  2. tie444 says:

    Do u still do hair nd for how much

  3. Monique k says:

    The first one

  4. Monique k says:

    You did a very good job i like iit!. i wanted my hair like that well i still do. but whats the name of that hairstyle hunz?.

  5. Chelsea Carter says:

    Thats really good..!
    How much you charge?
    Where do i get it done?
    Do you buy the hair?

  6. Cudo lin says:

    Do you live in the US or the UK by any chance?? (please say uk….)

  7. HaYLOHAYLIE1 says:

    Ok i have a question. I have really long natural hair that goes down to my butt but i want to put a weave in my head to change the color to blonde. I dont want extensions because you cant hide the root color. I do not want to dye my hair and have been wondering if a sew in can be done because my hair is so long and if the weave will still lay flat on my head. Please let me know ive been wondering for a long time Thanks :D

  8. Kiara Frazier says:

    I need to come get my sew in done by you.

  9. Tresa Price says:

    She is very pretty no homo. Puts you in the mind of Stacy Dash. Love the hair style and by the way y’all are too funny. Love you muah

  10. karmelle kouture says:

    Are these lacefronts? Just asking. Nice video though if they are.

  11. Edna0116 says:

    do u do short hairstyles too

  12. rickeshaj5 says:

    Do u have instagram??

  13. kayden0404ify says:

    Hair styles on point!!!

  14. fineasis77 says:

    Girl!!! U Bad….Where do u do hair at? Is it anywhere in the G.A.?

  15. kml3r says:

    I need my hair done!

  16. Brittanie1996 says:

    omg im in love with your hairstyles. your my role model i hope one day you can do my hair

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