Natural Hair: UPDATED Wash n Go Routine 2012

Hey Guys! Here is my upadated wash n go routine for 2012! This is how I do my wash n gos. There are many ways to achieve this style. Please expand this box f…

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  1. cici marie says:

    All hair on your head is dead thats why it doesnt hurt when you cut it.

  2. Maxine Harrison says:

    Your hair is amazing!

  3. TheStarbaby7 says:

    Lol my front is looser than the rest of my hair but it isn’t straight straight. I use the eco only for my edges but I want to try it with conditioner, I usually only wear twist and/or braid outs or puffs because I hate the shrinkage I get from a wash and go. Thanks and you too :)

  4. Lauren Wash says:

    Yep! My hair pattern is similar to hers as well, except the front of mine is so freaking straight. I hate it! It’s probably from pulling it back too much. The Eco Style gel is GOLD! Good luck with your hair processes! 

  5. TheStarbaby7 says:

    Oh okay. I like Tresemme Naturals too. I use it a lot. Mostly for leave in’s. I do want to try the Paul Mitchell with the eco gel because I get a lot of shrinkage but I have a similar curl pattern to hers. It is growing though. I got a trim the other week ago. Thanks for the review :)

  6. Lauren Wash says:

    No problem! I really like Tresemme Naturals on my hair right now. I use it as a co-wash. It’s great, I love the slip it provides for my hair for detangling. Paul Mitchell is nice, but I’ll be honest I don’t use it religiously like she does so I can’t rant about it like I would for TN. It smells good and provides some decent moisture, though. I’m going to start using it more so I’ll get back to you on that! :)

  7. TheStarbaby7 says:

    I just looked it up and it’s a target in my area. Hopefully it’s $10 out here too lol. Thanks Lauren :) How do you like the conditioner for your hair?

  8. Lauren Wash says:

    Oh no! :( Perhaps try Amazon or look at the Paul Mitchell website?

  9. TheStarbaby7 says:

    Our Walmart doesn’t have a smart style salon :( I’m way out East. $10 isn’t bad at all. I want it so bad :/ lol

  10. Lauren Wash says:

    The SmartStyle Hair Salon in Walmart. The cheapest I’ve seen it for is $10! :) I was looking for that product high and low, and luckily I found it!

  11. TheStarbaby7 says:

    Where do you get the paul mitchell conditioner from?!

  12. KeilaJ323 says:

    Lol Whoops! Please forgive me, but these are my questions: 1) Is this routine more suitable for you now that your hair is healthier and has retained more moisture compared to the in-between stage? For those just starting their journey would you recommend this routine or your past routines? 2) Remember how you related to others issues with a residue being left in the hair after applying conditioner and Eco Style gel? With this current routine, did you still experience this?

  13. KeilaJ323 says:

    The questions I have are:

  14. KeilaJ323 says:

    Hey girl, I’m trying to start a routine to get my hair healthier. I have been watching your past videos and I see the changes you have made from then to now, which is why I would like to ask you a few questions, if you do not mind.

  15. cnm1123 says:

    If you try this without cutting the ends off you may have a bunch of straight pieces hanging of the ends.

  16. deQueen22 says:

    Thanks for sharing… I think my hair is the same texture as urs I will be trying this tecnique

  17. Tyrielle Smith says:

    lol.. you sound so stupid

  18. Tyrielle Smith says:

    smh. ignorance. she’s african american.

  19. Tyrielle Smith says:

    The only reason why they ask this question is because of her hair length and texture. That is ignorant. Had her hair been your stereotypical coarse natural hair that everyone believes black ppl have they wouldnt ask her that question. Now would they?!

  20. Allyson Coltrane says:

    I still have a inch or so of relaxed hair I’m going to have it cut out soon, though I do want to try this before I get my hair cut will it turn out correctly or should I just wait til I get my hair cut?

  21. Jalyn Harris says:

    U r awesome

  22. IdiomaticWah says:

    I must try this ASAP…

  23. Olivia Amanda says:

    Nice tutorial. I was rocking out to the music too lol

  24. Joseneidy Azevedo says:

    You are so beautiful Jess

  25. Elle Stultz says:

    Jess detangle a with Tresemme and then washes her hair with as I am. That’s the part she doesn’t show. However, when she showed how much hair lost in the shower would be your answer

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