Model Model Pose Any Curl Hair + New Weaving Technique!

Really? Like open me!….This info is the .org .net Hair used: Model Model Pose Any Curl Mastermix (a blend of human and synthetic hair : This video…
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  1. LaToyia Taylor says:

    Great job. That was such a good idea

  2. BlackHairandSkinCare says:

    5’4 1/2

  3. Michaela August says:

    How tall are you ?

  4. Carly Bruce says:

    dont put oil on it nooooo.n let the iron sit on the hair longer:// ur really rushing…waist of time

  5. Carly Bruce says:

    and for the record this hair curls wayy better than that.u gotta put a lil bit more wrist and twirling

  6. Carly Bruce says:

    i love this hair it feels like brazilian.i wish i would spent tons of money on sumten i can pay $40 a pk

  7. ashbnemi says:

    i would just say get more in frame so we can see your whole head during the tutorial. good job though

  8. Tiffany Guice says:

    I use this hair and my curling wand does it job

  9. ashley mcnary says:

    Lmfao.. Damn Shame

  10. Tiffany Nicole says:


  11. blue6700 says:

    What’s your facebook

  12. BlackHairandSkinCare says:

    Thanks hun

  13. BlackHairandSkinCare says:

    Says the person with no IV picture

  14. kenoria1 says:


  15. Crystal Smith says:

    The smartest method of a sewin I’ve seen yet..

  16. TcakesBrownBeauty says:

    Never used that before, have to try soon. Thanks for sharing =)

  17. Firstlady Griffey says:


  18. BlackHairandSkinCare says:

    Sho you right lol

  19. Tanisha Richards says:

    The things us black people do to get our hair looking nice, we are so clever, just saying

  20. Brownocean says:


  21. Errika Walker says:

    How much was this hair cuz I live in Philly

  22. BlackHairandSkinCare says:

    Hey hun… I usually go to wild and crazy on hunting park or yhe hait store on 29th and dolphin they give good deals.

  23. HairSexifier says:

    What hair store do you get ya weaves from, cuz I Live in philly too, southwest to be exact

  24. A'armani Dior says:

    how much was the hair

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