Kelly Rowland Inspired Hair | Crochet Braids

MORE INFO* Crochet Braids Hair used is Freetress Bohemian braids in 20” 1B33 Crochet needle purchased at Walmart Follow me!!! Twitter: LoveKies7 Instagram:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. bajancadbury says:

    only 2… it looks so full! Great job btw

  2. NaturalQueen1123 says:

    Love it

  3. Mystictoy708 says:

    Looks great on you and wonderful work

  4. shesobreezy says:

    I love how your hair doesn’t look to full Im goona try this one out

  5. abundance131 says:

    This is the vestige seen! I think the secret is in the splitting. How many times did you split the strands before latch hooking it into your hair?

  6. BQOLbekool says:

    Gawgeous!!!werrrk lol

  7. kenyagirl2009 says:

    love it.

  8. quintesha27 says:

    Love your hair.

  9. sister souljah says:

    very pretty is the hair human this is very pretty i want human hair thanks looks great hope u took lots of pic becasue ur hair is very pretty.

  10. MiSZASiA17 says:

    Tutorial plz ! This was nice on you ..

  11. Jan Glam says:

    You inspired me to try out crochet braids, and now I even have a video on how to style them!

  12. MissBrownie8716 says:

    Hello! two questions:
    I can wash that hair? How i do it?
    Thank you so much. I enjoyed your vídeo :)

  13. Nanadsyl says:

    Love this style! What kind of hair did you but?

  14. cocoa8194 says:

    Did you cut the hair in half?

  15. Vivvy777 says:

    Looks good.

  16. Maco Di says:

    what hair did you use please? Very pretty.

  17. agreenrn2011 says:

    do add braiding hair when u do ur braid pattern

  18. chelle3575 says:

    Love your video. Does Freetress have more colors?

  19. nappilyevaafta says:

    so cute

  20. ShikoBayBay says:

    Hey i love your hair, quick questions… How did you get it to be so neat at the front? I have tried it your way but it is not as neat. And also did you cut the hair?

  21. genay33 says:

    love love love these

  22. ishwar bhattarai says:

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  23. priceless113 says:

    just go in and cut it to thin it out… you just have to be careful so that you don’t leave a hole/gap… I just went through that when I used the afro kinky hair. I seriously had a Pam Grier fro before I thinned it out some.

  24. faftlaed says:

    Great job!!! Love the hairstyle. Hoow does the hair look after u wash it?

  25. AKIYIAKELLY says:


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