Invisible Part Full Sew In Weave Tutorial (No Glue)

Learn how to create an invisible part full sew in weave without using glue. See my blog post about this weave:

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  1. youngprincess1128 says:

    why dont they ever show how to close it?

  2. tiffanystylez says:

    This looks great, i am going to try this technique. I have one question as to how you closed the weave and hid teh tracks so well?

  3. nanidiamond says:

    I was expecting more of tutorial showing each step…(sad face)

  4. meandmybaby8403 says:

    How did you do the closure at the crown?

  5. meandmybaby8403 says:

    you did a REALLY AWESOME job! Best sewn in invisible part I’ve found on YouTube

  6. GorgeousB09 says:

    omgeeee, finally someone with natural hair (like me) and no glue

  7. sweettbaby55 says:

    @aurra1962 beautiful

  8. MsLafaye says:

    @feesah30 I actually got this style done by her and used that same type of hair that she used in the tutorial…so it was the same hair but it looked different because after she added in a track she would comb it out and I feel that gave it a more curly natural look almost like an afro but not really, so I’m not sure but maybe you could try that:)

  9. feesah30 says:

    i want this style sooo bad. but probably w/ a more kinky curly type hair…. I Love It!!

  10. 16griken says:

    wow that is amazing

  11. rene1985100 says:

    Thanks that makes a lot of sense to make that top section straight back because you can get the tracks even closer

  12. DimeModel89 says:


  13. cottoncandychic says:

    When your real hair starts to grow underneath does the part start to look crappy?

  14. CocoaChanelification says:

    Best Invisible part i’ve seen b4! Any more tips for getting the perfect d.i.y part?

  15. tweetsss20 says:

    ok so does this mean the crown thingy in the middle?

  16. hotboo45 says:

    This was the easiest most simple video I have seen! I’ve seen this hairstyle on your blog. PERFECT! THANK YOU!!! I believe I can do this and I don’t do hair (I promise I will not try lol)

  17. mrsmojet1 says:

    thats the most vague description i have ever heard, confusing and not at all informative. did you do that because you want ppl to come to you to get the extensions put it. leave ppl confused so they think you are the only one that can do it. anyone reading this check out the tutorials on the side, u dont have to pay someone to do this for you. sheesh

  18. caroltaylor says:

    sorri but who sang the song ? xx

    amazing style btw

  19. happynappy93 says:

    when you sewed the front part did you sew vertically along the same pattern as the braids or horizontally across them?

  20. xnikkig08x says:

    Best technique i’ve seen thus far!

  21. Ctemu says:

    hw long would this last for?

  22. Ctemu says:

    how are you able to hide the weft line in the middle?

  23. krs14062 says:


  24. PrettyBrwnDiva says:

    Do you sew thru the weft or around? Great job!

  25. NikaSaysChokeonit says:

    this is beautiful! i love it! i want my hair like this!

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