Invisible Part 27-Piece Quickweave

A break down on the hair, molding process, and style. Hope you enjoy! Brought to you by
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. mizzkdee says:

    Love tha make-up”

  2. William Prah says:

    Beautiful results! Nice photos and make-up too!

  3. 1NUh1000000 says:

    This is BEAUTIFUL! !!! Please show the steps next time. Love it!!!! :)

  4. Lakesha Staley says:

    I love it!!!!!!

  5. Khadijah Wright says:

    ears are dirty but the hair is really cute

  6. Shalanda Makalo says:

    The style is really cute. I’m disappointed that you did all that talking at the beginning of the video just to have a pictorial! Lol!

  7. joyelle81ify says:

    Ur hillarious with this crunchy

  8. sharriethomas7 says:

    I like it it would of been better if the video kept going when you did get hair then took pics after

  9. jaisiray says:

    ROFL”cheap hard crunchy gel, “that’s what u want”..the cheaper the crunchier..”rofl
    u go girl get cho chrunch on!

  10. sexylilsome9 says:

    Use the crunch :-)  haha lol

  11. rauni j says:

    Yoooooz bad girl do yo thang!!!!!! Love it!

  12. Renee Morris says:


  13. Caramel Sugahh says:

    Krunchie Gel on the floor CTFU

  14. Faithfulness181 says:

    Love it…

  15. kadoupside says:

    Thumbs 2u babe, cause I dnt hit females… but next circle scalp track I see

  16. cdyl360 says:

    You have a great sense of humor! Lol

  17. MMMayes says:

    This is beautiful….

  18. Diamond Wilson says:

    You did the damn thang… It’s gorgeous!!!

  19. Diamond Wilson says:

    LMAO @ Hard, crunchy and crusty…

  20. wynncrmll5 says:

    you did your thang girl!!!

  21. kanithramercer says:


  22. Attenoj says:

    I really love this… I’m doing it tomorrow minus the part.. I like how you did NOT use clippers. That shit blows me! :)

  23. Tinka Smalls says:

    I love the style. This is my first time doing a 27 piece and I have no idea about what I’m doing. Can you walk up through the entire gluing and razor shaving next time? Good information about what products to use.

  24. stormm2012 says:

    Ur realuly talented and 1nce again ur hair is to pretty for all tht weave ps tht earwax threw me off a little bit

  25. flo orange says:

    DAMMNNN girl this style is baddddd lovee it

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