Invisible Hair line Sew in Weave No Glue No Leave out For high Ponytails (Official)

I Did Sew A 3.5×4″ Closure on. You can Purchase it on The website.************** You will see in this video, the client ca…
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  1. KansasBlanchette says:

    Damn I need You to do my head!

  2. MsTjDetweiler says:

    this woman needs to do my hair .. lol

  3. Regina Fowler says:

    Great job
    doesn’t matter if you chew the gum are not you still hook that hair up. I will give you two thumbs up you rock Girl.

  4. hilarybanksdiva says:

    This looks…dope…. technique please?

  5. KayBeeBayBee215 says:

    Once i put the vid on mute- i really enjoyed the outcome! Very nice work.

  6. Femmebenie86 says:

    OMG Great job!

  7. GorGeousGalProducts says:

    Thank you!!!! I swear some people are so childish!!!!! I hope you have subbed, I need more subbies like you!

  8. GorGeousGalProducts says:

    Thank you love!!!! You are the bomb in my book honey!

  9. GorGeousGalProducts says:

    Yes girl it really will, especiallly if it’s blended with your hair.

  10. GorGeousGalProducts says:

    You know it honey! And thank you so very much!

  11. GorGeousGalProducts says:

    Use a bottle with a pointed tip and put the oil or conditioner on the scalp and massage in and rise out.

  12. southbronx1982 says:

    how would you spritz/moisturize hair underneath

  13. Nishaa Mariee says:

    Lmaoo i hear The Game in the background tasha’s loud ass voice lmaoo love ur hair by the way

  14. Krystina Marino says:

    Do you have to use a closure ? Cause i am getting mine done soon, (don’t know when) but i only bought 3 bundles of brazilian natural hair, and i was wondering will the hair look good even though i don’t have a closure?

  15. Divine Destiny says:

    & *had* you not mentioned it….sorry

  16. Divine Destiny says:

    Great job!… And the gum was just not a big deal to me.. Honestly I was too focused on the hair & you not mentioned it I wouldn’t have noticed ( well that & if I hadn’t seen the stupid comments ppl left)

  17. angelica stohl says:

    omg guys SHUT UP!! who the hell cares if shes chewing gum. get the hell over yourselves. she did an amazing job & thats all that matters. you all have annoying habits too. for example, your rude / mean comments.

  18. Kid Kash says:

    Well I don’t care about the gum, I just want to learn how to do the sew in. I would like to know how you got to the finish? How is the hair braided underneath? & how can I do this myself if you didn’t show how it’s done?

  19. mizzlamonteira1223 says:

    What kinnd of hair is that

  20. GorGeousGalProducts says:

    Thank you and I commented about the hair in the video.

  21. GorGeousGalProducts says:

    For one I have to record before my client leaves so please know what your talking about prior to commenting. Secondly I am and have always been a professional very classy and know proper etiquette. Who in the hell would smack gum while all up in somebodies head? Please get another hobby other than assuming things from a few minute video. Thanks

  22. sandfay1977 says:

    You said you didnt eat thats why you are smacking on the gum. You should have waited to do this video after you have eaten. The video is less than 5 minutes. Its very disrespectful to your client and surrounding people. You may not think it…but it is not polite to smack gum around anybody. Im sure they taught proper edicate in cosmetology school. But some stylist just refuse to be professional. I am not trying to bad mouth you, just be aware of proper protocol with clients or anyone!

  23. GorGeousGalProducts says:

    Well with the video already being recorded I highly doubt the so called smacking will magically disappear.

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