Installing Model Model Pose Hair & Blending Natural Hair.

Hi there! In this video, I will be installing my Model Model Pose hair (Yaky & Human Hair Premium mix), 12 inch, color 4/30 and blending my natural hair wi…
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  1. reeselove2007 says:

    It looks really good!

  2. UniqueDollieTV says:

    I hope it works for you hun!

  3. UniqueDollieTV says:

    Thanks! :) 

  4. UniqueDollieTV says:

    Thank you :)

  5. HenryBen15 says:


  6. HenryBen15 says:

    Nice tips! I have trouble blending my hair :-/ Hoipe this works for me

  7. bigbig104858 says:

    You’re really pretty! 

  8. bigbig104858 says:

    It looks really good! 

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