How to Style My Short Black Hair – Soft Spikes n’ Flips (WOC/Black Wmen)

This style is a conservative version of spikes that I call Spikes n’ Flips. I don’t use lots of spritz or holding spray but the style still maintains shape a…

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  1. ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

    Thanks so much Sonya for watching and commenting. I’ve been wearing my hair like this for over 10 years as well. I love short hair. :)

  2. ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

    Thank you 2ctash. :) I very rarely wear makeup or full face at least. I’m not really that good at it but I can try it next time maybe. :) Thanks again for watching and commenting.

  3. 2ctash says:

    New to your channel. Please consider doing both hair and makeup looks. I love your style.

  4. sonja walker says:

    ive bn wearing my hair like this for  about 12 years and i love it,i was a stylisy 4 7 years but gave it up,anyways ur video is great,,thanx

  5. ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

    Hi Donna… I do but not as it relates to this channel. Thanks for asking. Ill be back in the videos soon. :)

  6. Donna Thomas says:

    Do you have a fb page?

  7. ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

    Lol… I know girl!!! Just been really busy!

  8. Tee Fritz says:

    Were waiting on a new video: )

  9. mzladytee69 says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  10. carla cherie says:

    I pray I can make my hair look as good as yours. Will you be making more videos? I hope so :)

  11. Kellie Williams says:

    Very pretty style. I like the soft look, it’s perfect for the workplace.

  12. lipsgloss0 says:

    I did wanted to c the back though :(

  13. lipsgloss0 says:

    Beautifully done!

  14. HEIDI SMITH says:

    Good job…I love it. You make it look so easy. 

  15. carol lundy says:

    I love this style and you wear it well. Keep up the good work.

  16. Queen Toshe says:

    Hi love your hair, would any small flat iron work? And what are the hair products you used?

  17. naturalbeauty908 says:

    Can you please show a tutorial on how u cut it thus short?

  18. EbonyGirlSpeaks says:

    this is such a cute style and it looks very pretty on you.

  19. ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

    Lol… Cut it girl!!! “Short is IT”. Lol. Thanks for watching and commenting.

  20. ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

    Thank you Cathy… I’m glad my video could help and u find them easy to follow.

  21. ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

    Thanks girl!!!

  22. ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

    Thank you Markeshia… Glad the video could help you out when it’s time to shape your hair up. I plan to do one using a razor to show how I keep the back and sides in tact. Stay tuned. Thanks for watching and commenting.

  23. ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

    Thank you girl!!! :)

  24. ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

    I use A wrapping foam by Proclaim. Thanks for watching.

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