How To Repair Your Weave Tutorial

How to bring your old weave BACK to life!! Best results with “Remy” or high quality Human Hair Products Used: Extra Virgin Olive Oil A Sulfate-Free Shampoo C…

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  1. Renee Babii says:

    Does this work for curly weaves?

  2. onlyjaimee says:

    does this help with tangling and matting?

  3. Nyya Monae says:

    How long to keep in conditioner?

  4. Nadia Cannon says:

    can you use coconut oil?

  5. Althea Carter says:

    If I use this method with my sew-in still in, how will I get my hair to dry? Since a blow dryer is not recommended????

  6. Eric Johnson says:

    Just use a plastic cap to hold the juices! lol

  7. Eric Johnson says:

    Good idea.

  8. Shani Ashley says:

    Hey guys! Need a new style cause your weave is matted? Watch my video on how to fix it and style it!

  9. MrsDenisee Marlow says:

    Will this method work with the sew-in still in my head? #Help

  10. Bettyboo1232 says:

    I followed your steps and air dried my hair for a little then rodded it when it was damp and it turned out beautifully in the morning! Thanks saved from more damage to my hair

  11. delilah954 says:

    Oh…my…god. I promised myself it if this worked I would definitely comment. I couldn’t pull a brush through this mess I used this method and now my hair looks fresh and beautiful. Thank you Weave Whisperer!!!! Instant subscribe

  12. jhardywhitxoo says:

    Wow good Ideaa! Stealing it xp (;

  13. TheWeaveWhisperer says:

    Thanks for watching boo! @Alexandra Dolls

  14. TheWeaveWhisperer says:

    Yes you can absolutely do this while it’s still in your head. Just use a plastic cap to hold the juices! lol @Danielle Robinson

  15. TheWeaveWhisperer says:

    Yes, please try the method on your Brazilian hair and tell me how it works! @monie love

  16. TheWeaveWhisperer says:

    Hi @AriannaLegit lots of people lie about hair being Brazilian. It may be possible the vendor got non-virgin hair and sold it to you. What’s the name of the brand??

  17. TheWeaveWhisperer says:

    Thank ya! @Decemcer1

  18. TheWeaveWhisperer says:

    Yes, Please rinse out the conditioner! Thanks for watching boo! :-) @MsBeeMack

  19. Alexandra Dolls says:

    Thanks for the video, you saved my life AND my hair!!

  20. Danielle Robinson says:

    Alright, so i have a sew in and i dont really know how to put it back in so is there some way i could do this while its still in my head?

  21. Monie Love says:

    Hi, I have virgin brazillian, will this work for it as well? Its getting tangly/ puffy at the top & its killing me. Ready to throw it out lol

  22. Arianna Legit says:

    ive had this virgin remi in my head for 2monthes(Not in picture) and the person that did my hair told me that this isnt great hair….im like huh? i paid alot for this brazilian. but im going to take it out and let my natural hair breathe. HOPEFULLY this method will work for my next sew-in! :) @TheWeaveWhisperer

  23. DECEMCER1 says:

    Your pretty

  24. MsBeeMack says:

    So we r supposed to wash out the conditioner right? I gotta make sure bc u didn’t say rinse it out, u just did slap it on and then hang to dry. . .I Follow directions very literally. Lol

  25. TheWeaveWhisperer says:

    Thats very nice of your to say! Thanks for watching!!!

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