How to HIDE a BALD SPOT / My (NATURAL) Hair Secret

Yup…I have a bald spot. I was born with it; a sort of “birth-mark” if you will. As a kid and teenager I used to HATE IT, but it doesn’t bother me the SLIGH…
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  1. bxboo823 says:

    wow thanks for the video.. really good. How long does this last

  2. MlleCafeAuLait says:

    Thank YOU for watching!

  3. MlleCafeAuLait says:

    LOL, thank you :) )))

  4. MlleCafeAuLait says:

    1) You are so impatient you can’t spare more than 15 seconds?? I’m positive it took you more than 15 seconds to write this response, BUT sorry to burst your bubble, it would have taken less than 5 seconds to actually READ the info box, which is where the VIDEO INFORMATION is located. This is a “how to” video, not a “product review”. True, I hold up the product at the .30 second mark, then I give a full description of the product, at the 2 minute mark. Sorry about your wasted 1.5 minutes.

  5. MsQuantification says:

    Thank you for sharing. Will try. Also, love your earrings!

  6. weldon rhymer says:

    Hey There! Thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about Zunhairex Secrets (do a google search), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you thought about home remedy called Zunhairex Secrets? I’ve heard many great things about it and my friend completely cure his hair loss and regrow it naturally with this remedy.

  7. xXZ00MBIEXxGamingX says:

    Oh and PLEASE EXCUSE the name, my son is signed on to YouTube on my phone :-) Thankh You again!

  8. xXZ00MBIEXxGamingX says:

    Iltw- maybe the audience you’re more familiar with has that attention span… She is very thorough in this video, product names, step by step’s not a commercial but a tutorial, for *programming* purposes YES information is typically shot at you at a thousand miles per hour but that’s what causes the brain to not necessarily receive and process the information… @Monie Rae great tutorial, I appreciate the info, I too have spot on the right from braids when I was about 12.. Much LOVE

  9. Monie Rae says:

    I just subscribed to your channel and I love it already. You are gorgeous and very knowledgeable! Thank you

  10. MrsHoran1467 says:

    Until you shampoo or co-wash it out, I would advice going swimming with it though.. :)

  11. Brittani Evans says:

    How long can you leave that temp. hair color in for? I wanna try it! :D :)

  12. iltw says:

    I mean if “you” don’t get to the point…

  13. iltw says:

    I’m not just here for entertainment, this is for work, and if you don’t get to the point in the 15 seconds I do not go forward. Audiences have the attention span of a gnat.
    Out of hundreds of video only one was beautifully executed regarding hair.
    Sorry didn’t mean to *sigh, but someone directed me to your video and was just disappointed how it was filmed. You hold up a product and say “this”, why not name the product? Sorry.

  14. Idara O'Bonne says:

    Did you even watch the video??

  15. Mecca Tekker says:

    Gotta use something to hide bald spots and take out greys for a play and some men don’t wanna dye their hair….thanks! This is a great video and…thank you for sharing your personal experience:)

  16. Vicky Villarreal says:

    I was born with one too, on my right side of head

  17. MegaDavidRiley says:

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  18. harrietizkool25 says:

    does that also help for the hair to grow

  19. Prakash Ghising says:

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  20. bstokeling91 says:

    its jerome russel temp hair color spray. i recognized the bottle, i love the stuff.

  21. Jacquie Wolfe says:

    ok, when you say you “cover your hair with “THIS”, what’s the name of the product!? sigh

  22. E J Darly says:

    You have beautiful hair and you are beautiful too. It must be so annoying to have that issue for so long. I thought maybe you had a treatment or something that put way too much stress on it. I want to grow out my edges from chemical damage, and my husband has a spot that needs TLC. Maybe I should use this kind of spray for him, but I know he would get a lot of attention and I don’t want the people at his job to know that it’s covered up cause that could embarrass him more if they made fun

  23. Shetler Sirianni says:

    Hey! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about Zunhairex Secrets (do a search on google), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you tried using home remedy called Zunhairex Secrets? I have heard many amazing things about it and my mate completely cures his hair loss and regrow it naturally with this remedy.

  24. nakedzebra510 says:

    I was born with no edges. It runs on my dad side I’ve always been embarrassed. I never like to get my hair done around people

  25. PardiOnPremiumLace says:

    Lovely! Thanks sooo much. This helps along with your Toppik video too. You’re so creative!

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