How to Do My 27 Piece Quick Weave Pt.2

Please Read Me**** How to Do My Red Hot Invisible Part Quick Weave. Pt.2 Dont’t forget to Watch Part 1. Click on this Link to View:…
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  1. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Thanks for watching..
    Just make sure you dont use oils in your
    hair bc it can make the tracks get loose.

  2. Laini Simmons says:

    I enjoyed this video. For first timers do you have any recommendations or suggestions? 

  3. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Thank you..
    About 1 inch or so.
    Just dont put them right on top eachother
    untill you get to the front portion.
    Thanks for watching!

  4. SuperYbaby says:

    Nice, just inspired me to do this tmrw. How far apart did you space tracks

  5. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Thanks for watching…
    I am glad I could help :-) )

  6. Kimberly Hogan says:

    Color is beautiful on you, thanks for posting this I have learned a lot

  7. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Thank you…

  8. Kendra Onley says:

    I love that color on you, thanks for sharing I learned alot by watching.

  9. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Thank you…

  10. tina louise says:


  11. trobertson2586 says:

    Beautiful love da hair

  12. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Aww Thank you…

  13. tina louise says:


  14. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Thank you…
    I am glad I could help you.. :-) )

  15. kalemia lee says:

    Wow I loved this tutorial you showed how to do the enclosure wow I really loved the information you gave and how you gave it I understood thanks keep up the good work I will be looking for you specifically on here from now on and that color looks so hot on you

  16. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    No you dont take it off and one.
    It is glued to your hair.
    It can last up to 1 month or more.
    Yes you sleep in it.
    It is just like having a sew in weave.

  17. hairlvr0911 says:

    This maybe a silly question, but i’d like to know how long this style lasts? Do you sleep in it? Can you take it off daily like a wig?

  18. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Thank you.

  19. MizzDontPlay83 says:

    Love that color

  20. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Aww thank you so much :-) )
    Your welcome..

  21. belshesonfra9 says:

    thank you so much. very detail and straight to the point. you seem to have a very nice spirit.

  22. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Thanks Cuzn! :-) 

  23. tamerla72 says:

    Really cute! Looks great on you cuz.

  24. Angelia Massenburg says:

    Akiya I like the way you gave your tutorial.I need your help trying to do my own and save money can you please email me….Thanks

  25. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Thank you..

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