How I: Cut & Razored My Ombre Bob

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  1. purplepinkbarbie says:

    is the hairdresser so expensive in where you live? anw, you are very brave

  2. Sharita Williams says:

    What kind of hair did you use?
    ‘Your Hair is beautiful’

  3. jada roberson says:

    if u cut upwards i think the layers are more defined (higher)

  4. naomii psykes says:

    I know I’m late but ciara stole this style from you in body party:p :p :p.

  5. uabvladli says:

    You look like beyonce love you love her!

  6. Aiymoon says:

    Ну ты даешььь! You are awesome!!!

  7. Ivone Gomes says:

    vc es linda

  8. Elba Lopez says:

    Wow, I would be scared sh***less. Looks good on you, did a great job. Plus I love your voice, great for tutorials.

  9. Rossie Perez says:

    Tiara, what is the name of cissor are u using it, and how can I get it???

  10. brad r says:

    i love the color its great on u, u should call this ur beachy bob

  11. NANA LOPEZ says:

    luego mujeres que hacen lo que tu bienen a nuestros salones de peluqueria llorando para que le arreglemos el pelo es una lokura no lo hagais

  12. Julie Olsen says:

    Lååååve it !!!!

  13. kriscruz303 says:

    You are so pretty gurl and i lovvveee your hair!!!!

  14. Gaby Ledesma says:

    waooo iii todo tu sola

  15. monique hogendoorn says:

    make a ponytail at the back of your head in the midle, and cut then its layerd. Or youse a bananaclip. You are very cute.

  16. stacy clarke says:

    Pow pow pow amazing grace LOL i love ittttt !!!

  17. charita pittman says:

    I love the way you do your hair

  18. Stephanie Woodruff says:

    Dumb smart You DID THAT!

  19. Stephanie Woodruff says:

    Girl you DID that! Lubbock the color. FLAWLESS!!

  20. shelby marie says:

    you should do a sew-in hair care/hair tips because im getting another sew-in and I would like to know tips to get it to last longer and still look great

  21. Seongjag yuji says:

    Your hair is amazingly beautiful, I’m so envious ;A;

  22. ian holly says:

    theres different ways to cut it looks nice at the end that’s all that really matters she’s not trying to be a hairdresser shes just trying to make her hair look nice

  23. Pamela P says:

    That was a bad haircut. Layers were backwards.

  24. diamonddb43 says:

    Tiara, if you cut the back going upwards it layers, instead of downwards, it will be alot quicker to get that layered affect without using razers.

  25. Rachel Roman says:

    You sound like Beyonce :)

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