How I Curl My Hair with a Straightener! Carlibel55

ALL THE INFO YOU WANT TO KNOW IS BELOW!!! Hello my pretties:) I know a lot of you have been requesting this for awhile!!! Super excited because I got a coupo…

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  1. unicornsareamazballz says:

    This has never worked for me.

  2. Anja Krzisnik says:

    today I saw u for the first time and must say ty for info :D and i love u and u are so beautiful :)

  3. Kathryn Bowen says:

    I love the 3 ear piercings you have in your left ear. Super cute. Plus this is really the only way I can make my hair stay curled.

  4. Jackie Sorensen says:

    Doesnt work

  5. nana ana says:

    Ur skin colour is ammmmaazzing

  6. bisbirulo000 says:

    wow estoy impresionada!!! luces preciosa! gracias por el tutorial espero que me queden como los tuyos!

  7. Alicia McCormick says:

    Can you put your hair up without a headake? Since its thick

  8. munnu chhotu says:

    I love ur eyes…awesome curls…

  9. iFrancineXO says:

    Gosh i remember my hair was as thick as yours till i started dying & bleaching it =/

  10. iiKiley says:

    I was trying this so much… I don’t know if it’s me or my straightener.. I use a Ferinheight straightener… I just cannot figure this out! :/

  11. natalia vicente says:

    awsome curls:)

  12. Katlynn Houston says:

    does it work

  13. DannieSunful says:

    Do you have extensions on?

  14. Bernadette Fritz says:

    Ur the most pretty girl I had never seen!! Like really!

  15. vampgirl1310 says:

    Just tried it didn’t end up looking like this…

  16. TaraWinborn says:

    You seriously make my self esteem drop.

  17. Red Rose says:

    what is the name of the song from the background of this video?
    Thank you!!

  18. Vermont Face & Body says:

    Where is that necklace from? Love it!

  19. livinghappyisachoice says:

    I cannot believe how easy this looks! You did that so effortlessly. Also, your make up is gorgeous, would you be able to make a tutorial about how you apply it and what products you use? I especially adore that shade of lipstick!

  20. danniella fennell says:

    Your a stunning girl, your hair is like nicol of xfactor

  21. jous19 says:

    Omg i love ur hair

  22. SHINeeLoveDk says:

    I just tried it…I suck at this haha..

  23. nlouden23 says:


  24. romeo KC says:

    It’s blue not green lol x

  25. Alana Laprise says:

    Awesome I’m so going to try to do this with my hair

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