Halley’s Curls Virgin Malaysian 24 Inches Intro

Halley’s Curls Virgin Malaysian 24 Inches Machine weft ….Please excuse the lighting…
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  1. queenudokah says:

    hey i am thinking about buying that exact hair and length from them and just wanted to know if you have installed it yet and how is the maintainance?
    plus you mentioned something´╗┐ about the shipping was it major problems due to the company?

  2. Raquel Cooper says:

    yea´╗┐ they did it was the worst hair i have ever had …I always co wash and do a ACV rinse before installing the hair tangled when washing but i thought it was just from the length …i havent thrown mines away yet because im really testing this hair to see is there any way to tame bad extensions so i will do a update…but all in all in think whomever she getting her hair from is processing that hair and selling it to her as some virgin hair …BUT I DO BELIEVE they will come to some resultion

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