Full Head Weave With Side Invisible Part

Subscribe for free!! This is a quick video on how I did a full head sew-in with a side invisible part cut into side bangs. I will be posting a detailed video…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Paige Upshur says:

    Very pretty…gd job

  2. elise12231 says:

    Love this!!!

  3. J Milz says:

    Lovely, and super neat too, I just wish that back was layered a bit and some curls were there.

  4. pops24x7 says:


  5. Bridgette Morris says:

    you did great!!

  6. bre brianna says:

    She looks like that girl from players club

  7. aleah sellars says:

    great job i like keep up yhe good work

  8. Martavis Policarpe says:

    Im on my brothers account asking you, Im a woman :-)

  9. Martavis Policarpe says:

    Where are you located?

  10. Beautywith_Ladyh says:

    you coulda sol her hair for cheaper than that and that extra be in your pocket. join my fb group for more info w w w . facebook . c o m / groups / 632034130169825 /

  11. NeMateNAj3 says:

    To make the braid stronger and tighter because she is attaching a weft of hair to it

  12. La'Tasheana Jones says:

    Baby girl you good that hair style nice

  13. tiffae26 says:

    I really wanted to see how u closed the hair cz it looks really neat

  14. ClassyP0se1don says:

    $400…before tax. $400…for weave.

  15. ToyToy008 says:


  16. Viveca Kimble-Thompson says:

    too cute that girl got them hands lol

  17. Brianna Freeman says:

    Its always a hating ass female that got sum negative to say

  18. Elijah Locc says:

    I love it

  19. valorie hampton says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!french braids were it back in day!lol,i’d love to try this,but it prolly itchy and everything!

  20. buttermilkism says:

    She looks like a Barbie Doll.

  21. Danielle Willis says:

    gorgeous u go girl

  22. MmRr0926 says:

    why do you add more hair when you are braiding? just curious.. ;0)

  23. l don says:

    I wish when some girls have weave over here they would make sure the back of the head look good before putting their hair in a pony tail every one can see their tracks lol.It is a good video.

  24. Lolita Lempicka says:

    I love that hair. I have it in jet black and that is the best hair I ever bought but where can I order a #27 from?

  25. ellehcim2135 says:


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