Evertress Chocolate Hair! 100% Human Hair Review!

This is a quick review on the hair weave called “Chocolate Human Hair”! The 10in was .99! The 12in was .99! It is a good quality hair! Will I purchase it again? Yes Will I wear it again? Yes Wou

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  1. UpcomingStardom123 says:

    Ur really pretty. You have lovely features. Sorry.lol I know random.

  2. JayFrankBeauty says:

    Thank you hun! I don’t know why it won’t curl! Sorry :( I have not tried the ice chocolate brand yet! Is it human hair? and have you tried hair spraying it first?

  3. lidia contreras says:

    hi loved your video! i purchased 20 inch yaky weave from ice chocolate and i dont know why they do not want to curl do you know why it would do this? i already layered them and i washed them to get the straight bond out ,can you help thanks!

  4. mickeyko34 says:

    Does it keep a good curl

  5. rayraybernard says:

    Wow down in Miami, Florida, a ten inch was 16.99, 12 inch 24.99, and a 14 inch 29.99. That’s reasonable and it’s a good human hair I would recommend every lady to try it out. And if some of you ladies stay in the miami are I brought it from Super Beauty favorite hair store.

  6. Tonialaya Cliett says:

    I just put in the 10 and 12 in and it is very soft..i have a quick weave ..its been in almost a month and to be honest..its better than any of the remy hair that i paid all that money for…

  7. BashfulBeauty901 says:

    Yeah, this is good hair. The first time I got a sew in, I used this & it lasted for almost 2 months. (I was missing my hair so I took it out, but it probably could’ve lasted another month.) It’s very soft & as long as you keep it washed, it stays that way.

  8. JayFrankBeauty says:

    Thank you DIVA!


    Hey beautiful! Great review love it you did a great job and I actually like the part it look natural go Diva!

  10. JayFrankBeauty says:

    Thanks ma!!!! & Reddish brown would be bangin on you!

  11. JayFrankBeauty says:

    I have to tell you girl! I am SOOOOOO PLEASED! with this hair…….. The best hair discovery of 2012 yet! :)

  12. jessica82ify says:

    J.Frank I’ve bn deal’n with Chocolate Yaky 100% human hair Since mi B-day which was last month on da 16th of Dec. No More Spend’n an arm & a Leg on Shedd’n /Tanged hair.Chocolate Hair is Wat’s up for 2012…

  13. HairReviewdotcom says:


  14. Jasminekaphingst says:

    Your hair is BANGING!!! I want to buy a reddish brown wig.

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