Do Guys Prefer Women to be Natural, Weaved OR Relaxed? Part 1

I did a survey to find out what’s on a man’s mind when it comes to a woman’s hair!! Travelled from NYC to The DMV to hear if the opinions would be different….
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  1. Sony shrestha says:

    Ok. I’m aggravated. My friend resides above me. I’m displeased because he over recent weeks grew fantastic at getting women. He discovered the Master Attraction website (Check in Google) by Jake Ayres. All he’s doing now is banging women. He’s continuously bringing the ladies back. I can’t help but hear it. It’s gross. I wish he never found that site. My closest friend is getting laid now too coz of that site.

  2. Spelmaniteful says:

    I don’t know, maybe it is the places I’ve been to, but by being from Maryland and living in Atlanta for a while, I can definitely say that I get more attention from Black men when my hair is flat ironed than when it is in a fro. I feel like some of the men are just saying they prefer natural hair because it was the right thing to say on camera.

  3. RottenPeachState706 says:

    i think you comin’ from a good place but wording it wrong

  4. lmanderson2012 says:

    Let’s be real. We care about what guys think of us. And why shouldn’t we? We want to look attractive not only to ourselves but to others. Why do we wear dresses, makeup, jewelry, ect? To look good. Now if that’s your primary reason, that’s a problem, but if that’s the icing then all the better. We all need positive reinforcement and nothing wrong with it coming from black men. I am happy to see black men praising our natural beauty rather than dogging us.

  5. MsHard2Get91 says:

    @queenlinzable you’re right. Who cares what guys think? If guys don’t like how a woman’s hair looks then oh well.

  6. 2HootHoot says:

    guys don’t even care, ladies need to stop making a big deal about hair

  7. VideosatTiffanys says:

    Also I love when black guys say they only like girls with natural hair and weaves make them sick, then when you ask them who’s the sexiest black celebrity. 9 times out of 10 whoever they mention constantly wears weave or frequently wears weave. When you tell them that their eyes go like O_o

  8. VideosatTiffanys says:

    Black men can be so confusing/contradicting. The vast majority of black men I’ve talked to say they love natural hair, but when I go out the majority of black men go after the girls with the weave, then the relaxed hair girls, then natural hair girls. So I’m just saying the words and actions are just not matching up. I feel either in public they’re faking that they like weave girls cause it’s main stream or on camera they’re trying to be “black love” and saying they only like natural girls.

  9. VideosatTiffanys says:

    you are 100% right

  10. shamaraLthomas says:

    I love that white guys opinion. He’s so chill and don’t give a damn.

  11. MsGlamourGirlInc says:

    not all women who wear weaves feel insecure…I work out alot and sweat terribly, plus I’m natural….and I like glamourous hair and I can’t have that when i sweat, so wearing a weave gives me a glamourous style where I can wear it straight or textured without compromising my health…because forget what you heard, IM GOING TO WORK OUT..aint no hair stopping that! on my days off, I’ll wear my natural hair out….

  12. Garcia Tepano says:

    Exactly, Be yourself, if someone truly loves someone that could care less what texture or length it is. Because when we get older our looks are going to fade away. I admire people who have been married for 20 + 30 + 40 + 50 + etc years. To me if you keep yourself neat, confident , loving, that’s something I would cherish. Because people these days are so stuck on what someone looks like and how they should change.

  13. Garcia Tepano says:

    LMAO agreed

  14. ketakeetz says:

    Lol dude said leave weave to the horses and the girl behind the counter looked at the camera madddd guilty

  15. Lenia C says:

    These guys have no idea what “natural” means not permed not straightened not straight period. These guys don’t want girls walking around with Afros or similar styles most prefer straight hair period! Lets face it

  16. BarabbasLove says:

    Jesus is the Father who became his own son. He made Adam an angel of the Earth before he sinned & became human. The angels of Heaven & Adam were black, just as Jesus is. That means Lucifer is black as well. Jacob was the 1st angelic man since Adam, his brother Esau /Edom was black just like Jacob, but he had the spirit of a serpent. Esau will reincarnate as the white Anti-Christ aka the beast whom Satan will possess. Demons harass bw to weave or perm in honor of the image of the beast

  17. mrmegastone1 says:

    i hate weave

  18. Bare YaSoul says:

    6)and so on with each person’s life experience and culture varying all these things to different degrees.

  19. Bare YaSoul says:

    5)So basically beauty is like pop music no defining thing at one point it was watered down blues watered down rock watered down R&B watered down rap so it’s watered down caucasian for example true caucasians are pale men have decided that pale skin is not an ideal and neither is dark skin but somewhere in between men have decided they prefer full lips over big bubble lips and skinny lips men have decided they prefer round bottoms ample breasts

  20. Bare YaSoul says:

    4)For females waist to hip ratio is larger than a mans by nature and they have breast so what could say the ideal female shape is one with an optimum waist to hip ratio and then we start building the other socially created preferences on top of that things like big butts full lips long stringy hair now we can argue about how much are these things socially constructed and how much these things are innate.

  21. Bare YaSoul says:

    3)Beauty is the general consensus of people and it changes with time slightly straying not too far from certain things that are at the core of beauty things like symmetry of facial and body features body types that are most close to the ideals of the sex like for example men have a lower fat to muscle ratio than women naturally so one can say an ideal masculine body is one that is lean same thing goes with height.

  22. Bare YaSoul says:

    2)What I just wrote is equivalent to all these people who say “what happened to real hiphop” but when the latest bubble gum song come on you’re jamming for the world to see, you’ll go to the clubs that specialize in that type music, you’ll buy the music but expect market to produce a product other than what is gaining the most headlines, that’s hypocritical.

  23. Bare YaSoul says:

    I have gone back to my original position on this subject. The choices women as it relates to hair and anything else is due to what men praise. BM talk that I like “natural” but it’s not the chicks with the natural hair that get the most attention it’s the women with long straight hair that gets the double takes and women respond accordingly and seek to make themselves in that image. So until natural women are put on the same pedastal as those with straight hair be it real or fake, weave it’ll be

  24. KORi SUTHERLAND says:

    The bottom line is looking presentable is key… IDC what your hair texture/style is, if you look like you don’t keep yourself up NO ONE will be attracted to you unless they too are unkempt…
    I don’t think the men in this video are lying I just think they date whatever they see as attractive and that can be natural hair women as well as women with weave… Just because they have a preference doesn’t mean they don’t date outside of that… What’s the point of comparison anyway? Live for you!

  25. ankokugaiBOSS says:

    This video interviewed a lot of brothers and some Latinos, but the ONLY OPINION that will matter to a Black woman is the one that the WHITE DUDE @9:10 mentioned. All other opinions might as well have been dust in the wind. Thanks anyway.

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