DIY: Kim Kardashian Hair

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  1. Ashlyn Victoria says:

    Looks amazing!!!!!!!!!

  2. asmrtvstar says:


  3. Arelia Ward says:


  4. TheJemicabond says:

    Thank u!

  5. Arianne Aranda says:

    Good,because my hair is already layered.

  6. Rithy Ngy says:


  7. CrissyJan B says:

    Okay come do my hair Lol

  8. CrissyJan B says:

    Love this great… your bad girl!

  9. LovableMe137 says:


  10. SunnyKisses83 says:

    She Did That!!! You did a great job!! Kudos… I’m going to try this technique today.. This is my first time.. I hope it turns out good…0_o?…Here goes..Lol

  11. Haeli Taylor says:

    I freaked out when you started cutting your hair! Lol

  12. b shee says:


  13. breezyfelder says:

    This is sooo sexy!

  14. Charlisa Vorice says:

    you remind me of kloe

  15. cheay rochelle says:

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  16. Pinkklipkisses says:

    Dang if only I could layer like you

  17. Mayara Kardashian says:


  18. Shulette McBeth says:

    What kind of flat iron is this ?

  19. missayusef says:

    Wow you make it look so easy! Beautiful !

  20. 457289 says:

    you’re talented.

  21. Brittany Jenkins says:

    how tall are you and how long is your wig or bundles?

  22. Trez Mortel says:

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  23. neilongeorge says:

    I luv the way u did it, ive learnt so much from u

  24. neilongeorge says:

    How many packs did u use?

  25. Shay Vaughn says:

    it look good not curled cut that good <3

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