Curly Invisible part (no glue) tutorial!!

ALL PRODUCTS WHERE PURCHASED BY ME!*** Just a short vid showing how I did a QUICK (and kinda sloppy) invisible part! lol Hair: Pose 5 from Model Model…….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Diamond Rich says:



  2. dyamond gold says:

    really beautiful job

  3. Naijagyal01 says:

    You’re hair came out really well. I just wished you showed how you made the closure and how you sewed it in. I’m still struggling on how to do closures , and I am yet to find anyone who has done an easy to follow tutorial with using glue.

  4. Sarai Lechuga says:

    oh wow like it very mouch beautiful. thanks

  5. ladyevenstar22 says:

    i love your hairstyle , might try it next time, i’m going to put in a loose deep weave this week which is a lot less curly

  6. tukrawz says:

    Thanx for this, it was easy to understand and I’m going to try it right now :)

  7. Kathy Barnhill says:


  8. sweethoneyforu says:

    great job
    thank u for sharing !!

  9. Sassy pea says:

    Love it

  10. neilongeorge says:

    Looks lovely

  11. Hilda Brockett says:

    looks great video was easily demonstrated

  12. Alex Walls says:

    Mix means it has synthetic fibers in it

  13. MsBlaqChynaDoll says:

    Cute! I likes

  14. 1andonlychellexxx says:

    Lovely ❤

  15. qtepiee88 says:

    Not sure of what your asking but I sewed the closure down where the invisible part ended. Then I just unraveled the braids cause I couldnt do anything else with them lol

  16. Brandi Jefferson says:

    I have the same question.. how do you make a closure to sew on to the leave out hair

  17. Amber Wilson says:


  18. havefaith2016 says:

    Looks so pretty. How do you make a closure?

  19. MegaKitten21 says:

    It’s so pretty girl! A1!!!

  20. Debra Dargan says:

    That was a very good job that you did on your hair and that style look really good on you and wish that I could be able to do that.

  21. Anita Chan says:

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  22. qtepiee88 says:

    just unraveled them and curled them and they blended right in

  23. jayne thatbarbiedoll says:

    what did u do with those braid ends?

  24. Jasmine Berry says:

    I’m doing my own sew-in this weekend and your video is the best tutorial (no glue) for an invisible part that have found yet ! And I’ve been searching youtube for hours !!!! lol Thank you for this!

  25. aliyah abdullah says:

    hope i can find it in my town that is so pretty

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