CURLY HAIR |Tips and Tricks :) (request)

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  1. MsBelizeana says:


  2. Ashanti Butler says:

    omg the mixed girls made my Malaysian curly hair hard :-/

  3. trives99 says:

    thanks so much for letting me know

  4. Mellow Serenity says:

    They took your money and didn,t give you your hair?

  5. sweetnsour819 says:

    DO NOT BUY HAIR FROM THIS COMPANY ITS A SCAM!!!!! they took my money, but trust, imma get it back

  6. trives99 says:

    is this kinky curly?

  7. Tarol Jackson says:

    You are so funny, and your hair looks great! this was so helpful thank you

  8. Tyrielle Smith says:

    smh. you dont have to be mixed to have hair that texture

  9. veronica olander says:

    Please could u give me a call at 626 755 3690. I want to give you a product moisturizer that my daughter put in the beauty supply stores in florida. Maybe you can tell me what it does for your hair. Its all natural for anyone hair, Not just blks. thank you.

  10. Ruva Masaisai says:

    Where are you located because I follow you on instagram and I have noticed that you do hair, Im looking for a hair stylist

  11. Jass Bee says:

    Your hair is really pretty !!! Are you located in nc ?

  12. Kenneth Austin says:

    you sexy!

  13. TheMarshyangdi says:

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  14. ebonyheart90 says:

    where do YOU work

  15. sexyndacityable says:

    Wow I really thought she had nice mixed hair. Didnt know it was fake

  16. BeautiifulEvolution says:

    I love u!!! Ghetto booty grease! Lol!!!

  17. ALyric19 says:

    We favor a little bit no wonder I thought you were so pretty lol

  18. sherri thornhill says:

    How many inches is that

  19. M3rmaidsUnd3rTheSea says:

    mixed means nothing ur ethnic n hair is different ur hair dry , oily ,thin ,flat,break easily than search products for tht problem

  20. janaylovesyou98 says:

    Any tips on what product I could use in my hair im mixed & don’t know what to use in my hair it always gets puffy and it’s annoying

  21. janaylovesyou98 says:

    I wish my natural hair was like that

  22. Keniesha Porter says:

    does mixed chicks curl yhur original hair besides the weave?

  23. Simmybnewy says:

    Hey girl you can buy the trial size for .99 they will limit you to three per order at the mixed girl website. They call it the travel size

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