Cornrow Weave Foundation Braid

First circles around the head, then zigzag on the top to make sure that the weave that would be sown later would not look like a wig after the hair has been …

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  1. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    good video :-) )

  2. Oonimoonk Caves says:

    looks like its tight tho

  3. ItsAJadaThing says:

    yea… ut you can also do something simple like straight back cornrows

  4. Joy Tovar says:

    can this braid pattern be a pattern for to wear under wigs as well as weaves?

  5. kionaporchia says:

    thats cute

  6. BeautyHealthTravel says:

    You welcome!

  7. staceyannec says:

    Thankyou for the vid!

  8. BeautyHealthTravel says:

    Great info! Thanks you!

  9. Harmony Nae says:

    Actually, it’s the alkaline coating on the hair that usually causes the itching..
    However, it can be easily removef by doing a vinegar soak…
    They are many ways to remove the coating feom the synthetic hair..
    But, they have so many fabulous synethic braiding hair that wont irritate the scalp! Xpression or any good Kankekalon hair should suffice! Usually run like $5.00 a pack and the hair is really long and can be cut in sections..
    Hope this helps!
    Thanks for posting another great video!

  10. BeautyHealthTravel says:

    Sorry, don’t have any video for that; thanks for watching this one, though. I also prefer Remy hair.

  11. Diva Wuan says:

    I just cannot do synthetic hair, I would either have to have simply my own hair just braided or add some Remy despite being Expensive. Do you have any videos demonstrating how someone would take care of their hair in a sewin? Alot of women tend to neglect to still take care of their hair while in a sewin.

  12. VEE BEE says:

    check my afro channel

  13. BeautyHealthTravel says:

    I wish I could, but I don’t have anything ready to send to you. Sorry, if I have a chance to find a model that is willing to be recorded, then it is possible.

  14. dee williams says:

    Is there any way you can show or email step by step how to part in circles and how to add extension hair for cornrows and single braids.

  15. BeautyHealthTravel says:

    Thank you! I did want to show the weave, but it was late, and the lady went and did it herself, so we didn’t have a chance to tape it; it looked great, though.

  16. TheLovablecathy says:

    Is it possible you giys can show how you sew in the weave,styling it & Then show us the finished product ? That would be good. Btw good videos

  17. taylorobin says:


  18. Lakesha Barrett says:


  19. BeautyHealthTravel says:

    Thank you, I appreciate your comment!

  20. BeautyHealthTravel says:

    Thank you for your comment!

  21. BeautyHealthTravel says:

    Thank you! I would like to try the hair, too. Thanks for sharing!

  22. queenofweaves916 says:

    Fantastic video! Thank you for sharing. I use kinky texture hair(for kinky twists) its less bulky and grips better. I use it on all my clients no matter their ethnicity.

  23. rintube12 says:

    nicely done, good job!

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